If they had wanted to produce in 0. Back to top Test System Configuration. Bumping the resolution to x, you can see it’s a little sharper than the old TNT at this resolution. Performance-wise, it’s similar to the TNT. Going to the Shortcut Manager, it looks very similar function-wise to a Canopus Launcher.

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Upon the next reboot, everything has settled nicely and I was able to see my beautiful Star-Wars: With multi-texturing which nVidia improved a little over here in the TNT2 ,you can see a nice linear increase between each tt2 them. Straight forward and self explanatory options make the program easy to use even for beginners as you do not have options for memory timings or core settings for those who are not familiar with them. With a stunningly eye-catching blue PCB board, this card catches my attention the moment I unwrapped it.

As I opened the box to find out its treasured contents, it made me wonder why graphic card boxes were always made to be more than half empty.

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat As my version of 3DMarkMAX is not registered, all results are based on an x resolution at bit colour depth with each processor’s proper optimization. Another thing is perhaps high performance cards like these should include TV-out jacks as standard items instead of a separate option.


3D Power 3DPower TNT2 M64 (32 MB) () Graphics Card | eBay

Mainly looks likes a spruced fnt2 version of nVidia’s Tweak page. The supplied drivers on the CD are old as usual, so I downloaded Creative’s drivers from the web for testing its utilities and then downloaded the newer nVidia’s Detonator drivers 1.

It looked exactly like the snapshot shown here. Installation was simple as expected. However, I did not try overclocking the card as I am running on a socket 7 motherboard.

What have you got to lose? Piwer Stakes at bit and bit colour to see the difference that so many people try to claim it’s better. Next are the 3DMarkMax results. Next morning I found it frozen at one screen. This is the reason the TNT2-Value scores well overall.

While benchmarking, I decided to do some overclocking as the board had good cooling, heat dissipating PCB and fast 5.

3d Power Tnt2 M64 92040030 32mb AGP VGA passiv (932)

The TNT2 is nothing more than a 0. Anyway, the installation CD, colorful instruction manual are all packed in a different partition away from the card itself.

Looking for sponsors though joking. Below is a graph comparing the bit colour performance drop compared to bit colour using Quake Bright blue lights pierced my eyes as I pulled the card out of its packing.


3D Power TNT2 M64 92040030 32MB AGP VGA passiv (932)

With this release, Gigabyte has also implemented a new look and, more importantly, included an overclocking utility right in the drivers. There is one good point in having many versions of one famous product: Here’s another common question in Clinics: The blades are well curved to scoop the hot air out. Anyway, any kind soul who could shed some enlightenment would be appreciated. I suggest Creative should make smaller boxes like Diamond which has also learnt that the big boxes are wasteful in space, money and trees!

This was far and away the highest clocked TNT2 model released.

In order for nVidia to produce large number of chipsets to cater for the market, they had to let a silicon-manufacturing plant company with a high capacity output to help nVidia nVidia is a fabless company.

Game-2 Same as the above remark. For lower speed CPU’s e. Even if you live in Ttn2 and can’t figure out which one to use, the database is so huge it lists out plenty of countries and their supported systems.