So feel free to add your own tested and working drivers. Do not select anything. Posted April 13, If not then try to refresh the menu with F5. I hope you enjoy your new shiny Snow Leopard hackintosh! Select “Mac OS X” from the tabs at the top.

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The best example of how this needs to be done is from a kext pack I downloaded for netbook which included the MSI U I was using the basics are as follows.

Intel Wireless agn please! Grab the latest driver from m-audio. During this process the OS might ask for your password for writing into the folder. For those who not feel free to ask me your questions.

Posted April 23, The good news is that Apple doesn’t seem to be going after individuals who are attempting this so you should be fine. I used the superhai cd, as you wrote in your guide.

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Sign In Sign Up. This prevents your netbook from automatically waking from sleep when you open the lid.

Posted April 21, Formatting, make sure you select ‘Mac OS Journaled’ and give the volume hacikntosh name I suggest ‘leopard’ just don’t use any non-standard characters or spaces in the name or you’ll have problems accessing your drive if you have to use the command prompt. Later on we will apply custom kext that will make reboot works but shutdown remains an issue.


Intel Wireless Wifi Link Agn Hackintosh

Works as a system audio device – all apps that output audio such as QuickTime 7. If you are looking for tutorial on how to install Lion instead of Snow Leopard then you should read my other journal.

Install Universal Binary drivers from the site, Fully Working. You need to be backintosh member in order to leave a comment. Do in need to use a special superhai cd for my ?

Airport Extreme & Intel AGN wireless – Apple Community

Do not select anything. If you don’t find a driver for your device, you may also try to patch an existing kernel extension to add support for your device. Boot from the CD again using F Start the utility from system preferences before opening any sound apps. If everything worked fine you should see your new bootloader and no longer need the Empire EFI disk to start the system. Take a look at image 21 for reference.

Last Words I have tried to make this guide as easy as possible to follow as many other guides assume hackimtosh user has a higher level of knowledge then users may actually have, hackintoh of you may roll your eyes at the level of detail included but I hope the guide enables any user to perform, or at least attempt an install.


Posted April 13, If not then try to refresh the menu with F5.


Take a look at image 20 to give you more idea. It fools the installer to make it think that it runs on a Mac hardware. Those of you who wish to have the ability to Dual-boot with Vista or Windows 7 will be happy to know it can be done quite easily, but I suggest you only attempt this after you have successfully installed Mac OS X and are happy with the configuration.

April 21, at Original drivers from manufacturer. Who wants to have to lug around an external monitor to use hackinotsh netbook? Also disables FrontrowPass driver, so watch out if you use FR.

Once you access the Bios you will need to browse through the menus and check if you have the following options, if you do set them as indicated: