In fact, even if you connect one directly to your car’s battery, it will not draw much juice. What this all means is that low impedance injectors are easier to tune, and typically result in a better idle and crisper throttle response compared to large high impedance injectors. Acceleronics uses UPS ground as our standard shipping service. I THINK i got my cold idle better this morning as well but you only get like one chance a day to see if its right when its cold Suppose your engine works like this:

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Acceleronics VersaFueler Injector Driver

I made the injector pw’s as small as I could without adverse accsleronics and still no cookie. The “motor” inside an injector is a coil of wire.

Because bigger electric currents can yank harder than smaller ones. Why not just injecfor high impedance 60s or 80s? This makes it hard to get a good idle, and kills throttle response.

High impedance injectors flow no more than 1 amp of electric current, usually more like 0. To order your VersaFueler and 8 flow matched injectors, select the injector size, then click Add to Cart.


Originally Posted by cablebandit.

I lived with it, it would load up the plugs if I idle too long, but just needed some boost to clean it up lol The amount jnjector electricity flowing the current determines how hard the coil can pull. Low impedance injectors need about 4 times as much current as high-impedance injectors. Not at all, it’s easy! Low impedance injectors acce,eronics flow as much as 7 amps if you let them, but the VersaFueler’s built-in brain limits them to 4 amps so that they do not overheat. The high-impedance injectors used by carmakers do not use much current.

But you can’t run low-impedance injectors that way or you will burn them out!

Acceleronics FAQ

Flow Matched Fuel Injecttor Sets. Originally Posted by TAQuickness. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. What is the difference between low-impedance and high-impedance injectors? I did a search but really didnt get a good answer.

My car has 4 or 6 or 5, or 10 cylinders, can I use the Acceleronics VersaFueler? Which one do you drive at the track? No personal checks will be accepted. Can I run big injectors on the street? Acceleronics uses PayPal for secure credit card processing. You can use 1 channel, or all 8, or any number in between. Low impedance injectors open as fast as stockers, providing smooth idle and crisp throttle response, but your factory ECU can’t run them.


The VersaFueler will run any gasoline injector!

Acceleronics Versafueler w/ 96# Injectors question?

Your question will be posted in:. You will specify what shipping option you want when you check out. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Suppose your engine works like this: VersaFuelers will work on any electronic fuel injected car, import or domestic, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, or even 16 cylinders.

Why can’t I run low-impedance injectors with the factory computer? Back to Top What is the difference between low-impedance and high-impedance injectors? You need bigger injectors, but big high impedance injectors are sluggish, ijnector poor throttle response and a ragged idle.