The left edge is clear, the right edge has the volume rocker and camera button, and the bottom edge has a micro-USB port. We really wanted to give it a higher score because of its curved ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to operate, the slick metallic battery cover, the cool LED notification system, and the great specs for the price. Unlike the Android 2. The screen we hear is not scratch-resistant not that we tried that one, but from the looks of it, it appears true , and doesn’t have the smudge-repelling coating of many high-end handsets, so you end up with smears all over the screen pretty soon, and have to wipe it often. However, how am I going to be able to get this thing working again? Rounding out the feature set is GPS, Bluetooth 2.

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Acer Liquid mt

We didn’t have huge expectations for the Acer Liquid mt, so we can’t really say we were disappointed by it. This device could have benefitted from a faster processor and the inclusion of only one user interface.

To wrap it all up, we have to say that with the Acer Liquid Metal is the best handset the Taiwanese have made so far.

Charged it for hours but it didn’t go on anymore tried most basic stuff: More The Acer Liquid Metal is a solid and durable device that gives off a sleek and expensive impression. The Acer Liquid Metal is a solid and durable device that gives off a sleek and expensive impression.


Acer Liquid Metal S USB Driver For Windows 7Xp8 32BitBit | 7Xp8 Blog

If your Liquid MT has problems and is still within its warranty period, you could contact Acer support or the retailer you purchased the phone from. But it does seem very out of place when set against the sides and front of the chassis.

One of my favourite features on my trusted Blackberry is the LED notification light, which I scer will become the norm among all smartphone manufacturers. The phone runs on the Android 2. Quick view Screen Size.

Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. What irked us most, though, was the sub-par quality of the camera.

The touch screen is adequately sized and very responsive, while also displaying clear and sharp images. Overall, the Liquid Metal is an affordable and durable smartphone, which will be able to attract beginner users looking to make the jump to an Android Smartphone.

Prices Where to Buy. If your phone is off warranty and needs repair for a physical problem such as a broken screen or bad ubs, you should visit an authorized service centre or a local phone repair shop.

Acer Liquid MT Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Acer released the Liquid MT on November 30, My first one would die without me using it and then wouldnt charge past 60 percent and then would be back down to 20 percent within an hour.

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The “1-Minute” Review With a stainless meetal back cover and a chrome finish, the Acer Liquid Metal S is a handsome smartphone featuring a large, 3. Maybe one of your friends will find this review helpful?


You’ll find Acer’s contact information here. We preferred its impressive battery life and its practical interface to its design which, quite frankly, is more plasticky than the phone’s name suggests!

Ok, keep device manager opened, connect phone and power on with all the key combo’s mentioned here and tell me what happens in device manager: But the curvature has the effect of making the 3.

The back has a noticeable curvature so that it theoretically sits better in the hand. And there’s something else a bit odd about the chassis: How long is the warranty period? The Stream has a 3.

Acer Liquid MT (S120) USB Drivers Download

A 5MP metql, capable of HD video at 30 fps is nothing to sniff at in terms of specs, but the lens quality is below average, and that is visible both in the pictures, and the video samples. Acer Liquid MT review. Android Apps and Games. The Liquid Metal has a very different build ethic from the Stream. Also its very slow See the latest cell liqukd or compare used prices. Also its very slow at down loading and my home screen freezes alot making it hard to make that urgent phone call.