All Rights Reserved Introduction This white paper. They can be instructed to perform one or more transfers by setting a few control registers. Some registers are only available since a specific version. I am aware of i2c in a very basic level which relies inside linux kernel, but no clue to implement a basic i2c driver. This statistic is the count of frames that are not an integral number of bytes in length and do not pass the CRC test as the frame is received. Two default modules are available that suit most systems. Mx53 arm alphatransparency 32bit rgba graphics to an altera cyclone iv gx fpga.

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Linux Kernel Documentation :: networking :

The write engine is controlled through the Target Bridge. This statistics is the count of frames that are successfully transmitted. The pciexpress dma core offers a fully integrated, flexible and highly optimized solution alterra high bandwidth and low latency direct memory access between host memory and target fpgas.

Note that this buffer appears as one contiguous block in the application virtual address space but very likely lies scattered throughout the physical memory attached to the processor. It performs burst writes on the Avalon data bus.

Driver utility function definitions 5 Debug Information The driver exports debug information such as internal statistics, debug information, MAC and DMA registers etc. The read engine is controlled through the Target Bridge.


Plain Text Original Format. Whenever an interrupt occurs and is enabled in the enable register, a PCIe interrupt is sent Register Map The interrupt sgdm is located at base address 0x and has the following registers for identification and control: This also includes the target bridge and interrupt controller.

Altera Triple Speed Ethernet (TSE) Driver

Alltera and Version Register You do not have to deal with PCI Express protocol details. This statistic counts the number of packets transmitted that were addressed to a multicast group. Imprint Privacy Policy https: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Bluegiga Technologies assumes no responsibility for More information. After the engine starts it works autonomously until completion. The target bus is a memory mapped bit Avalon bus. The user can connect SOPC slave components to this bus. All Rights Reserved Introduction This white paper.

In addition, this file includes a signal handler for ctrlc event. Bluegiga Technologies assumes no responsibility for.

linux/altera_sgdma.c at master · git-mirror/linux · GitHub

Print scratch disk 1 and 2: The ip connects seamlessly to altera pci express hard ip cores, providing a transparent highspeed data path between fpga logic and host software applications over pci express. Driver statistics and internal errors can be taken using: Burst support on the Avalon bus.


Why, When, Which, How?

All interconnections and addresses are shown in the following:. The sopc2dts tool is used to create the 22 device tree for the driver, and may be found at rocketboards. A detailed revision history of this document is provided in section Lancero bridge is a pci express bridge for 32bit access and irq, without sgdma for limited resource systems. The interrupts must be cleared by deasserting the source.

Start display at page:. They can be instructed to perform one or more transfers by setting a few control registers. Brad Hosler, Intel Corporation bwh salem. The information below is needed only if the user is developing custom drivers or software to control the SGDMA engines. This statistic is a count of the number of packets received that were not addressed to the broadcast address or a multicast group.