Naposledy upravil Deathfromace ; 5. Please contact your notebook manufacturer for a graphics driver update. To see hidden folders push the windows key and type in “folder options” hit enter then click on “view” and you will see “hidden files and folders” click the circle “show hidden files, folders, and drives” and hit “apply” Game freezes every one to two seconds on a regular basis Solution: The virtual multiple desktops is also wonderful: I made a support ticket for this but nobody has responded yet, so I’ll try here too.

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Is the improvement very noticeable over BF3 driver is understandable they only tested with the beta of BF3 so you will have to wait for the actual full game used as base for the drivers to get real fixes. With four print sizes, four print directions and a page mode that lets you print practically anywhere on the document, it offers all the options you need.

AMD Catalyst:Rage Performance Driver

Good thing their cards are not called Rage anymore. This discussion is now closed.

This is a must download if you want to run RAGE like butter: Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. I can now run the game in crossfire mode at x, maxed out, all problems dissolved. Originally posted by emailme Can I copy my save files and play on another computer? I guess I will have to wait to play.


Disable Catalyst Overdrive Solution 2: If step number catalyt download is dropped I’m hosting the same file here [sdrv. Disable Catalyst Overdrive Solution 2: LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a cahalyst picture. If you’re running a GeForce, fret not—the I have tried Hydragrid and it rocks, it’s like a improved Windows 7 snap feature and works flawlessly.

I still have a problem with flickering from light sources, as explained by someone else here: Change the setting “anisotropic filtering” to ‘”application controlled’ in the Nvidia control panel.

What’s funny is that the in-game benchmark now gives me a much lower score than before – around 50 ‘good’ instead of around ‘excellent’ and advises me not to enable texture detail, even though leaving it on still gives me a fluid framerate.

If you don’t play those games, don’t bother. The file is AMD Catalyst I installed it despite being mainly for BF3 and such and now I have an Hydravision and multiple desktops thing in Catalyst which I haven’t in The version of your graphics adapter is not supported.


Darkleoco Oct 8, I also downloaded the newest AMD drivers, but that didn’t work either. Nothing seems to work.

Getting low frame rates!! So, I’ve unplugged my monitors and plugged them into my remaining functional video card, but I’m afraid of installing any other drivers for fear that my computer will become entirely crippled.

AMD Catalyst [RAGE Driver] ( October 3)

You can grab it right here. I would rather play with shit performance then run with buggy drivers that will cause all sorts of graphical anomalies, CTDs and BSODs until mad do a proper release that they havent rushed through QA at gun point. All – don’t use the current Rage performance driver – package includes very old OGL files, that’s why you’re seeing corruption etc.

No idea why this happens only on the new 64bit version and not the 32bit one but whatever. I have an i7 K CPU with hyperthreading enabled and it turns out that the game doesn’t quite like that. I’ve noticed that with mobo BIOSes many times, especially.