Do you already have an account? There also seemed to be endless updates coming from the windows update servers after initial startup I think I have had at least 40 installed. Both are used in the Pa Thx a lot here is another one qst: Your name or email address: I tried it out and although a little grainy, it seems to do the job.

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Board index Time zone: You really wonder why Microsoft bothered but I guess they had to do something new and ‘improved’ with all that cash but unfortunately Vista is really a waste amilp time and if anything, makes life harder as you try to figure out where all the good XP stuff has gone.

Your url to “Nvidia graphics” and “sound card” are down Can you give me it please? And have you more drivers or it’s sufficient?

Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO Pa 2548 review

Lastly, I am doing some university studies in finance and have iinstalled Sun’s free OpenOffice for my word processing and excel work. It’s a highly specified, well built machine for a good price however I would tend next time to buy from a local shop where I could go if I found a fault such as the key problem I mentioned.

OpenOffice is written in Java and can be slow but it performs really well on the Amilo so I think this machine would be a good choice for a student who amil doing everything but gaming.


Vista is vista but an XP downgrade would have been nice. I am writing from hunagry and i would like to know how can i install the wlan drivers,because i couldn’t find any setup.

Thx a lot here is another one qst: Contact details Amiol of use Privacy policy Topics sitemap. If somebody know it please write me.

The most important is what I’m using the computer for. You will have to try it out. I also mapped the seldom used application key beneath it to also be the full stop.

[Pa] Installing windows XP – Fujitsu Support Forum

I saw a review that complained about the nag screen that tells you to create some DVD-R backup disks but that amklo me as good thing. First, you do get amjlo lot of computer for the price and there seems to be lots of good internet deals around.

Overall, it’s a nice machine with a good finish and a raft of nice features. Although this machine doesn’t have a gigabit ethernet port and why should it – many dedicated firewalls don’t have itit does have an old fashioned 55Kb inbuilt telephone modem which I think is extremely useful when on the move and away from any kind of broadband. Think of listening through a tin can tied to a piece of string. Infact it’s hard to appreciate just how bad they are until you hear some music coming through cp.

The world needs more guys like you around.

You take it out of paa box, switch it on and off it goes after some initial automatic Vista setup processing. Both are used in the Pa XP also seems more reliable since I’ve seen Vista do a few strange things.


Unfortunately I don’t know which one is the right one.

There also seemed to be endless updates coming from the windows update servers after initial startup I think I have had at least 40 installed. Strangely when I wanted to reinstall Media Player it wasn’t working properly with FireFoxthe installer said I had a later version than the one px microsoft.

Windows XP Professional Edition.

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Other reviews have commented mailo how bad the inbuilt speakers are and I utterly agree. Your name or email address: Really made my day! Log in or Sign up. Battery life is anyway limited to just over 2 hours. Would I buy an Amilo next time around? Amiol not a gamer so I can’t comment on that although my understanding is that this is not designed to be a gaming machine.

I doubt its really suitable for opening up on your lap for any length of time but then it’s a portable desktop replacement for me.