Easily configures with DAW I’m running Nuendo 5 , and the dual headphone outputs coupled with the Console app, make it a breeze to move from tracking to editing and mixing with a quick turn of a dial. I don’t like to commit to a sound on recording so I love the flexibility of just monitoring with the plug-ins and fine tuning from within Logic later. I thought I was going crazy so I let other people listen to see if they’ve heard and they’ve also heard the sound. Gustavsson August 20, The unit works seamlessly with the very popular “console” app provided.

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Dre, Herbie Hancock, Eminem. The routing that can be done in the back end and integrated with your DAW is amazing.

I’ve, tried it in different outlets, different headphones 3 different but apolllo scratch is still there when adjusting the volume knob. The Apollo Twin has opened up a world of possibilities for me. The mic pres are excellent.

Van August 8, Watch uav Unison Shoot Out hardware vs. Ramiro December 5, Some instability of the audio hardware to drop once and a while when a session is loading.


I decided to upgrade and was advised to consider the brand new UA Apollo. Hughes May 25, You can toss this thing around. Van August 7, I Love it from the moment i heard it. Zoega June 27, It will refresh completely the way you listen and make music.

Apollo Firewire | Audio Interface | Universal Audio

It has an incredibly clean, transparent, and accurate sound. Thank you Universal Audio. Whether you’re running old or new mixes, or even songs from your itunes library this unit does a great job at clearing things up and making your music come to life. Monitoring live with ana and an EMT Plate is wonderful. Apart from that it was everything UA says it is. The sound is surely as good as it gets, the software is superbly designed, and my mixing console loves it.

Apollo FireWire

For the first time, I find the DAW recording process flowing uninhibited from idea to execution. Gowland August 7, Everyday I get a popup from Console that tells me that plugins have been disabled. Smith July 25, A beuatifully made piece of kit, solid and sounds gorgeous with that indefinable quality of “air”. The hype, the press, the hundreds of favourable reviews on literally every single website But, the lack in customer service and rediculously short warranty period for a highly-used piece of gear is crazy!!


That I can record guitar, bass, my saxophone, all as if I was doing so with outboard gear I could never afford is awesome. I bought this unit nearly two years ago, and the hardware recently began randomly clicking very loudly the same clicking when you power the unit up.

Would have loved to have seen more “Free” UAD plugins, considering the price. Overall, it was a major improvement!

A HUGE upgrade on my studio. Burchett December 25,