All times are GMT November 21st, at 8: I would love to find a way to charge the battery separately, or any other way to get power into this box. Hey Scott, thanks alot man! The installed processor runs at something watts, while the Turion runs at 25 watts. September 9th, at 7: You should have a Windows key on your laptop manufacturer usually slaps one on the bottom so can use any Window XP CD to do this.

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So he gave it to me.

Averatec Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Two gigs is the max on that mother bord so you are off base and your machine will become a paper weight. The problem is it will not read a data CD. Turn on the lap top, Press the Fn key bottom left and the F4 key See if this make the screen get brighter.

Keyboatd 11th, at 2: July 25th, at 5: Opening the lid requires a bit of heft, and is steadily held in place when you let go of it, no matter what angle you release it. Anyone have one off their dead computer they would part with, or where to find one inexpensively?


Averatec 3200 Notebook Review (pics, specs)

September 3rd, at 5: Finally, a nice software program comes with the laptop to configure the pad in just about every way imaginable. Probably the best way to increase speed is to max out the Aeratec at 2 gig.

If you have access to an air compressor ,use it to blow the exhaust slots out.

keyoard January 27th, at 9: I call it protecting their money pot. October 13th, at 1: Well, I found the answer. And remove the card if you so desire: Proof that it still works: I have not had any problems that would cause me to call customer support. I cant believe but my Avaratec is still alive.

This is my issue Avertec dvd drive is dead…no light on, had to use a paper clip to open. I want to upgrade from the 1. Why Averatec does not post this fix on their web site is beyond me.

Try 1 again and see if there is any improvement. I removed the cmos battery, put it back together and still doesnt work.

Weird keyboard problem (Averatec ) | NotebookReview

Averatec Laptop Dim Screen Jun 2, Ksyboard going to load windows 7 on Averatec Would it be just a matter of setting it back in place, or would a new AC jack be in order? If anyone has the aveh1 service manual repair, not the crap that comes with the machine please let me know.


I put that word it quotes because some of the best upgrades are not supported in the documentation. I just ordered a new mother board as suggested my past members having the same issue. If you have any tips, aveeratec let me know because I would really like to get Suse working on my laptop.

I have to replace the DC power board on mine, and the cheapest I could find it was Averatec them selves, they want Until you do that the device is esstentially powered on electricity is in certain circuits even though it is not “powered on”. This I dont understand??