Sep 18 , Thanks guys, have checked my wiring,seems ok. Jan 8 , D Less user means more bandwidth but have to take the risk of my modem being striked by lightning lor just for the extra juice. I never got my modem hang before. On the next restart of the modem, it died!

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Is there a difference in creating the account for the Ethernet comp and the account for the USB comp or do I create both the same way? I also got the detailed instructions from the User Guide which i downloaded from Aztech’s FTP site not inculded in the box: I’m not sure if it is also trying to tell you that there is no aztexh line connected.

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Mar 22 Put in the rule name “e. I didnt update firmware also, cus very satisfied with what this modem is giving me. Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy Bitcomet different from Azureus, got no smiley indication on aztec. Nov 30 Dec 28 So right now, i just know is anybody have the same problem as me. Pick a number between andif you dont want to, have a read here: Hope this helps you.


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Aztedh particular case hightlighted in the other thread could be the old stock S. So I just power off and on the modem and everything works again. I believe it’s more likelya user problem rather than a modem issue. When I install win on the same PC, win can detect the adapter.

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This post has been edited by ljsmy: CatEyes Premium Member Oct 5: However, in that link for the flashing using TI guide it only says to flash two files which is config. Show posts by this member only Post 1. So far I haven’t actually heard any bad reports on Dlink modems not that I am using it. Apr 5 Apr 3 It is version This post has been edited by alamort: Read up the manual book.

Luckily im using a wireless router and i just need to do my port forwarding in my router Yes, reset by pressing the tiny hole at the back with a paper clip. BTW, I called Aztech and they told me they will only have stock again 2 weeks later Share on Track this topic Print this topic.


Was it the bandwidth because of. Nov 29 It’s default azhech is supposed to be ‘Router’ but now I want to set it to ‘Bridge’ mode instead. It doesn’t have any. Your modem something wrong?