Maybe I just need to install a PCI serial card? Connection refused the information seems to be getting through as I can unplug the ups and the computer detects it and pops up a little message saying ups is discharging, but never shuts the computer down, will totally discharge unit and Loss of Power turn it off. Tons of people still run servers on older Linux version and this guide is still relevant mostly. For some reason, it seems that the serial port on these devices is disabled as long as the USB cable is still connected! This method of monitoring a UPS is useful for a workstation, but there are three significant disadvantages: There was an Ethernet port next to the rs on my Tripp Lite UPS device.

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Many motherboards have a serial port on a header, they just do not include the serial port slot cover and cable. I know that this is probably not much help but it was a while ago.


Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk. It identifies the UPS to upsd and upsmon. I saw somewhere about it having a static possibly set with a default of When I do sudo upsdrvctl start I got: Othewise pc just used to turn off once the ups battery runs out.

Tripp Lite UPS device. bcjxcp

I searched on some forums also and sombody said that there is maybe a fault in the netvision c file. Bind a listening port to the interface specified by its Internet address. Maybe that is the key? Also this works flawlessly with arch! There was one line buried in the documentation that supported this idea: I had bcmxpc installed the nut-hal-drivers when starting your guide but then removed the package and started just the nut package.

bcmxcp(8) – Linux man page

The NUT daemon runs on master felix. Different ups, no problem. Also if I kill the upsd daemon before send a shutdown then the same thing happens. Finally, we can make sure that nut properly detects the UPS:.

I was not getting past this even with the helpful hints of others. April 29, Sorry to bring back an old post. May be worth a mention to the web page for monitoring you get with it, using nutd and vcmxcp.


bcmxcp_usb (8) – Linux Man Pages

This cbmxcp a slave system. Also, you can run the following command which should print out some statistics:. No further work will be done on nut-hal-drivers. Add the following line to nut. See the man page for upsd. So far so good. USB disconnect, address 2 [ I was having the same problem with ubuntu 2.

[Nut-upsuser] Powerware 5115 USB Issue

In the how-to above the following text appears as configuration of: I have a very strange situation here. Not that I can get mine working ATM: You should add multiple users if you are monitoring from multiple machines. There are two different ways to monitor a UPS with nut: