Free audio recording and editing software downloadable at www. No problems hooking up and was using it 15 minutes after it arrived It’s meant to be a bare bones do it all mixer Everything is easily accessible. I use it for recording, live etc. I would do this choice for the budget and use that I do.

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Behringer XENYX FX Mixer bit Multi FX Processor Mixing Board | eBay

I took him where I had purchased and the failure was due to non-use of this installment The preamps are just behrinter for live use and home recording Sliders 60 mm long and sealed rotary controls. All full sized faders, etc The onboard FX processor is great for recording since most vocalists prefer to have a touch of delay or reverb on their vocals during takes. Yes, parts supplied connectors: I tried even when many other mixers of less than coasters and trs Xenyx is ahead for her.

Bin good for the characteristics I’m not going to give it here are arranged on the site Berhinger berhinger all websites selling online.

I had not tried other models before it, I made that choice by watching as you do now, opinions on AudioFanzine and I made a choice plsu economic Music It uses a special power connection It is not n the bewildered me will find a replaceable! Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Firewire is abandoned as the laptops, I went to the table and usb takes roughly the same characteristics. I dislike the special power supply and cheap build Sort by most recent most useful.


Everything we need for the low range, ideal to behrinnger if you do not look for great precision. I suffirais therefore a stereo pair as I usually do but if I add an extra mic, it will not necessarily going back as recorded with the stereo. That sucks as mine broke and I had to order a special power supply I was previously a Alesis Multimix 8 Firewire. Once you’ve dialed in an unforgettable mix and given it a dose of bit garnish, instantly preserve it in the digital realm with its USB interface and included software.

So please, if this is your first purchase, it will be good. If used sparingly, they are more than adequate Yes, not my first choice for digital recording but more than fine for a small PA setup You can connect an outboard unit via the AUX send and return jacks.

Each input has a trim pot to adjust input In the beginners I had just bought for my home sound system to connect all behrinnger instruments on the same set of speakers. It’s a big time-saver in live applications because there’s no additional cable patching.


Quite small but nothing is miniature The build is sufficient but I wouldn’t expect it to handle much rough treatment,,It’s not a delicate flower by any standard, just not “built like a tank.

You can leave your good setup safely at home and use this Behringer gear for shows Stereo FX processor 24 bit upscale, presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and multi-effects.

Forcment but it’s not Avallon trs trs even stronger when the price Breath? Not far really, I use it also as always external sound card, I thought to buy behtinger beginners prampli and an external sound card to suit my means made in China so EQ is limited to basics but quite workable and impressive I do use it occasionally taken for its “witness”. This thing is everything you would hope and more – it’s worth more than the asking price in my opinion Makie in the presence of 3 on most models except “mega budgets.