He honestly believed that he would be killed and put his will and other personal matters in order before stepping into the boat. Racers accept the good breaks with the bad. Between and , he won 24 races for the Bill Muncey Industries team, including an incredible seven consecutive Gold Cups. A major race is defined as an event that is scheduled for a minimum of two heats and has at least four Unlimited Class boats making a legal start. The sponsons were redesigned as was the rudder assembly. With all these questions, the Budweiser team responded with a historically dominant season. The boat literally exploded.

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They reeled of three nearly identical laps for a qualifying average of Bill Muncey would have to do without the sharpening of a recent race competition at the upcoming Gold Cup event. Muncey didn’t have the fastest boat in the race, but he managed to outlast everyone else.

The new muncry rode awfully rough on the choppy Detroit River. And even though she hadn’t won a race sincethe U. He would always remain so, throughout the rich years–as well as the lean years–that were to follow.

Bill Muncey – The First Golden Age

At the Washington, D. He moved to a new Atlas Van Lines boat myncey and won twenty times in the next three seasons. It is questionable whether Bill would have continued as a driver. The streak was over.

Bill Muncey

It must be acknowledged that many of the top drivers of the fifties were no longer active. The generally excellent competitive record of the races themselves frequently took an undeserved second billing to the on-shore wrangling.


Prior tohe had only once in won more than one race during a given season. Coeur d’Alene, Seattle, and Madison. They desperately needed to restore their waning credibility if they were to survive. In desperation, he and his crew went to work on the stricken craft themselves, hoping that they could still pass inspection at Detroit.

At season’s end, there were those who wondered if Muncey had perhaps seen his better days. It is bill whether Bill would have continued as a driver. This ruling by the IRS opened the door to major corporate involvement in Unlimited racing on a much larger scale than in the past.

Ten years after winning the first Triple Crown, Bill Muncey repeated the feat with another team. Their agreement allowed Lucero to run the team from top to bottom with no interference from Muncey. One of Muncey’s most amazing performances of all time occurred at Detroit in The team’s flagship was the most successful Unlimited hydroplane in history and could only be described with superlatives.

Atlas Van Lines, Inc. The World’s Championship Seafair Regatta certainly ranks as the finest example of remedial bill relations surgery in hydroplane history. The few fans who did attend the postponed race showed their displeasure, and even the WORX hyddroplane crew got Mark Allen, who was in his first and last race serving as the UHRA commissioner, to admit on the air that he had not seen the video which had led to the call.


But no human condition is ever permanent.

But for the moment, he was an unemployed hydroplane driver with an uncertain future, although his credentials were second to none. Driven by Russ Schleeh and managed by ex-driver Bill Stead, the boat would be the host entry for the first of a new series of races on Lake Tahoe at Stateline, Nevada, sponsored by Harrah. The boat had an alarming tendency to fall on its nose at high speeds.

Bill Muncey – Wikipedia

And Muncey went hunting for another ride. The Willard Rhodes-owned entry came into the season as the team to beat, having won two championships and eight races in the previous two seasons. Oberto-Miss Madison in all three heats. But for the rest of his life, not a week would go by that he wouldn’t recall the sad memory of his three friends lost hydro;lane the Potomac.

This allowed Jimmy King to finish second in the U Bill had established himself as a bona fide superstar. He completed the five laps, picked up last-place points, and returned to the Burns pit area a broken man with tears in his eyes.