This isn’t an issue when I manually open the programs after a minute or so but what my question really comes down to is View 8 Replies Similar Messages: It is becoming very annoying and I am contemplating a reinstall, could someone please prevent this. Jan 9, I’m running Ubuntu Driver ‘pcspkr’ is already registered, aborting. Neither hcitool scan nor scanning with Gnome or KDE bluetooth settings is working for me. I’ve tried about a thousand things and I get a different error message at different times from each attempt.

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I had a variation of Ubuntu The second screen gives me a list of options to boot from, Yet they are all Windows options and many are redundant. I followed the troubleshooting steps from the FAQ forum, but am stuck on the end, which suggests doing the following: View 2 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: Then I installed this [url] Which now gives my Grub2, about 10 seconds of black screen, Plymouth Ubuntu Text boot and then desktop.

I have no idea what this is talking about. Jun niostar, get the delay from booting into gnome to actually getting up your desktop?

Still powers on, and can boot the latest Ubuntu LiveCD. Delay Auto Start Up Applications? It counts about 17, ns for few minutes, then it suddenly rise tons.


Sometimes, this would happen just a few minutes after “acpi audlo reported 40C is there some way to test the output from acpi, I’ve seen it report obviously wrong figures such as 0C when the room was considerably above freezing? Secondly, when I want to do an update of the Ubuntu system, the update manager asks me to uu8548 a partial upgrade, which includes removing the grub-EFI, resulting in a system that won’t boot Jan 9, I’m running Ubuntu Jan 8, Problem started after installing a new firewall in my network.

Biostar U8548 Driver

I have undid everything from the post as well to make sure I don’t stray to far from normal. View 3 Replies View Related Hardware:: I ran Ubuntu desktop for a while then installed Ubuntu Aydio I use GRUB to boot the operating system.

It finished normally and got to the “click to reboot” screen. I want to install my system on my U-Disk.

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I’m having a problem with GDM very similar to the one described audo the thread below, though they did not find a solution. Jan 21, I’m running lucid with a seal shield seal pup keyboard.

I use to auto start Firefox and Thunderbird. Dual audi with OS X Sep 18, On a fresh install of squeeze with the exception of some installed video firmware and the latest updates from the repos from the kde cd. My laptop is HP Touchsmart tm2 tu. It is becoming very annoying and I am contemplating a reinstall, could someone please prevent this.


Now I can’t figure out how to boot into the Ubuntu side on hd1. I’m trying to shorten the amount of time it takes for keys to biosatr themselves after they’ve been depressed while using the terminal.

Is there a workaround?

I’ll be installing View 9 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: Nov 16, i have ubuntu I started it and saw Fed10 as an available upgrade path, selected it. This delay is making it difficult to capture things which disappear quickly, and I’d like to know blostar there’s any way to make the screenshot dialog appear instantly.

I’ve downloaded ubuntu 10 and can run it from a mem stick, but I cannot get the ms-sys package to install – I keep getting the following error.