GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. What is the difference between the two years? Once I got to the range I warmed up and then hit probably 20 balls all dead straight right to my target… BUT my ball flight was lower than I would of liked. I could not stop smiling. A word about the color scheme: It will get you alot of attention, and not necessarily the good kind.

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Unfortunately our season ended abruptly so I hit the club only one round. Both the FT-5 and FT-i drivers have a pair of available weight configurations — draw or neutral.

Callaway Golf Ft-5 I-mix Drivers Club Heads

I’ve got the Matrix x-con for days that I’m a little run down and need a little caplaway and easier club to load, and a VS 70 for days when I feel pretty good. Hi All- Since purchasing my FT-5 Callaway see aboveone disappointment this summer was the stock grip of the club. Try up the middle. Thanks for catching it.

Callaway FT-5 I-MIX Driver Golf Club | eBay

I do the slice thing regularly. That said, clean shots travelled yards for me.


Conclusion I see the FT-5 and the FT-i as two completely different products at completely different stages in the design cycle. Where the driver is very corrective is on high and low misses. With a full swing i average about Better than other drivers including hi-boreXL, titleist d series, nike sumo and Taylor made quad.

Some counterweighting could fix it but I saw no need to go standard ft I hate to be the resident dissident in this forum but.

The swing weight is pretty high. I shot a 78 one week ago, i now have chances at birdies as opposed to always being short off the tee and hoping for bogey, hands down the best club i have ever put in my bag, i am now a My clubhead speed is about so I bought the neutral stock stiff jmix club with matrix ozik xcon 6 shaft.

This has totally changed my game.

Posted April 14, Both have a black-and-orange color scheme with reflective silver elements. Comes with two headcovers and tool.

Hitting pretty much where I aimed it, time after time. Both are well worth the hefty price-tags. So your misses are in better shape, if not necessarily in the middle of the fairway. I guess that this is not a new club but an older model?


I only had the FT-i driver for a day, before trading it in for an FT As advertised, it does want to hit a straight ball. Hit it square and it goes, and with off center hits, less mileage lost as compared caloaway the FT-i.

Thus, less side spin…or slice.

Callaway FT 5 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 73 reviews –

Heres my review of the club. For example, on one driving hole I hit two drives with the FT-i. You currently have javascript disabled. I have always had trouble with my driver, to the point I played my long irons almost exclusively off the tee. With my swing, the ball off the FT-5 face just goes straight…. Caklaway never hit so many fairways in all my life.