The golfer must hit the ball harder to get distance, but the high compression ball offers better control. Compression creates density in the golf ball, which may affect distance and loft. There are many factors that determine the quality of the strike, so it’s difficult to give advice to a player without seeing the swing. These balls feature a soft rubber core for distance; an inner cover made of a synthetic material, such as ionomer, to impart more velocity while reducing side spin from your driver and longer clubs; a top-of-the-line urethane cover to give you more spin; and control on short iron shots around the green. Try the exercise above and see if that helps. Balls may be marked with manufacture names, ball types and compression numbers.

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That room simply isn’t there when the golf ball is on the ground. As Compressiing ball expert Shunsuke Tayama tells “Golf Digest,” there is no substitute for getting clubs that best fit your game and then matching those custom fit clubs to the ball that gives you optimal performance.

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Is it forward of the line or behind the line? Low compression balls are rated 70 and 80, intended for novice, junior and women players. Sign In Sign Up. Does anyone have any suggestions balk compressing the ball? Cokpressing you start hitting your irons on the way down and compressing that little urethane ball with your metal club face, you will be hitting your irons higher and longer than you ever have.


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Compress The Ball For Better Iron Shots

Try the exercise above and see if that helps. Mcdonald misses cut by 55 strokes The U. Low compression balls run the gamut from inexpensive models designed solely to increase distance to sophisticated and expensive models wlth a combination of distance and high levels of control and feel for shots into and around the green.

It was considered to be a professional courtesy. Excellent comments by Zeph and Joekelly. Surprisingly, you want to hit the ball on the downswing.

But the difference is the fact that with the driver, the golf ball is tee’d up. Shave Strokes off your game The biggest difference between shooting a and an 85…. The divot is actually after you hit the ball, not before. Back in the old days, Im talking like s hereit was common custom for a man to take his hat off at various times. The golf ball is compressed and flattened by the force of the impact. Try hitting golf balls off a line. Multi-Layer Golf Ball Technology.

Have a look at where your divot is. If you are a high handicap or beginning player with a slow swing speed, the best low-compression ball for you is likely to be a basic two-piece ball with a large, soft rubber core and a cover that resists cuts.


What Is Golf Ball Compression? | Golfweek

On the way up? You want to compress the ball. The best low-compression ball for you depends on your ability level.

Say goodbye to sweeping the ball off the ground and getting minimal distance and terrible trajectory. This happens regardless of how well you hit the ball, but the better the hit, the more you deform and compress, as is seen on the distance and quality of strike.

The forward glof lean and a good impact position is the holy grail everyone is looking for.

There are plenty of excellent golfers with slow swing speeds. The compression markings range from 70 to Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

What Is Golf Ball Compression?

Open Qualifier June 27, Leave a comment. Once you hit the ball you it will explode off the club face and your club will continue down then up, actually creating the divot after you hit the ball. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie.