PCI Conventional devices are categorized as follows to specify their interrupt grouping: To program memory wait states. While in the S3 sleep-state, the computer will appear to be off the power supply is off, and the front panel LED is amber if dual colored, or off if single colored. The processor and chassis fan speed control features can be disabled independently through the desktop board BIOS. No Boot Device Available System did not find a device to boot.

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Intended Audience The TPS is intended to provide detailed, technical information about the Desktop Board DGLDW and their components to the vendors, system integrators, and other engineers and technicians who need this level of information. Please contact your Intel representative to determine which manufacturing options are available to you. Figure 16 shows the location of the jumper block.

Run Setup to reset values. To initialize interrupt controller. Initialize interrupt vector tables, initialize system timer, initialize DMA controller and interrupt controller. To program memory wait states.


Optional ROM check and control will be done next.

Not all of these symbols and abbreviations appear in all specifications of this type. E9 Initialize floppy drive. If no memory was added there may be a problem auxio the system.

Intel D910GLDW Audio V. Driver

Dependent on the standby power consumption of wake-up devices used in the system. Add-in boards that also support this specification can participate in power management and can be used to wake the computer. A3 Soft error display complete. The processor voltage regulator area item A in Figure 20 can reach a temperature of up to 85 oC in an open chassis.

Keyboard Error Error x910gldw the keyboard connection. Single channel Asymmetric mode. For information about Refer to The location of the serial port A connector Figure 11, page 42 1.

This mode is used when only a single DIMM is installed or the memory capacities are unequal. Power to the computer should be turned off before a keyboard or mouse is connected or disconnected.

Intel DGLDW Audio V driver | DriversEasy

Cold boot is required. The maintenance menu is displayed. Typically, a device that does not share a PIRQ line will have a unique interrupt. This generation of Intel Desktop Boards adds a new technology for add-in cards: The drive reports the transfer rate and translation mode to the BIOS. It describes the standard product s910gldw available manufacturing options.


This feature bypasses memory count and the search for a diskette drive. HDC Failure Error occurred trying to access hard disk controller. Otherwise, the board could be damaged. To display soft error and check for password or bypass setup.

To issue the BAT command to keyboard controller. Block Diagram 14 Product Description 1. Table 28 describes the jumper settings for the three modes: A recovery diskette is required.

Compressed recovery code is uncompressed in F