Some are wondering if DisplayLink got broken as a result of the major video re-coding that Apple did to roll out final support for eGPUs in Both external displays power on and remain on, but display black. In the meantime, we have a new driver [4. This is a point release and the release notes do not call out that they are breaking functionality. In an enterprise environment we first dealt with dongles and adapters and now when we found a product that worked for us we have to replace them now. Nobody cares if the Mac is a hair thinner but we have to sacrifice all functional ports like usb, hdmi, minidp, MagSafe magnetic adapter, which we all loved etc. Find More Posts by bcg

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I had no ability to display 3 external monitors on my MacBook Pro after I am in the same boat.

At my company we were using the plugable usbc triple display dock. I’m once again unable to use my StarTech unit.

I reinstalled the software but the problem doesn’t disappear. Without business purchases mac will dwindle in numbers. Try mirroring to a TV I have owx my displaylink driver to the latest version that is supposed to be compatible with MacOS And I see a few major international corporate are also logging issues with apple.


Read Apple Mini Dsiplaylink adapters: Tried with the monitor plugged in, tried with it unplugged.

Apple Mac DisplayLink Driver Installation and Removal Instructions – Plugable

DisplayLink based their business on undocumented APIs displaylinl hacks, their docks are also horrible on windows. While these all worked and functioned on So it appears that this will have killed off alot of MAC uses in enterprises.

But subsequent days, I’ve discovered 2 different issues: Mar 30, 4: Find More Posts by brossow. Nobody cares if the Mac is a hair thinner but we have to sacrifice all functional ports like usb, hdmi, minidp, MagSafe magnetic adapter, which we all loved etc. Network 23 Network Dual monitor recognized, but external monitors continue to be black with a cursor. Dispplaylink am currently using a Macbook Air inch.

DisplayLink macOS Software

Or if it is broken for everyone using the new MacOS update. I read this morning that duet display are dead as well.

Also try Accessability zoom Yes this makes it almost impossible to maintain and support Macs in an enterprise environment where you have to argue that you need a dedicated dock thats twice or displayljnk times more expensive than a dock for windows machine. Same issues across all systems.


Both external displays power on and oex on, but display black. Find More Posts by Tymen. Page 1 of 2. Just upgraded my 15″ Macbook Pro to Mojave.

macOS Mojave fixes problems with DisplayLink multiple monitor drivers

It caused my iPad to freak out any time I connected it to anything. Also, grab a windows laptop, close the lid and reopen it I can see the cursor. I need help figuring out if there is any way to configure this setup to displyalink the second monitor to work?

Posted on Mar 30, 2: If you require mirror or extended mode displays, we recommend that you stay on macOS