I can set static ip and mac in the router but how do I find mac of wifi of the camera? Have you got any suggestions at all? I think I have accidentally changed the IP address of the camera to that of my computer and now I can’t find the camera. I could configure the wireless lan, the camera detected it fine. That works indeed, but when it comes back the default port is 80 as oposed to 81 initially. On Android I use https:

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But I get easyj webpage f-,136 available. The settings for Easyn cameras are built right into our open source surveillance software iSpy and our Windows Service based platform, Agent – click “Add” then “IP camera with wizard” to automatically setup your Easyn cameras.

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Could someone run me in every detail through his wifi-setup-process? Anonymous January 21, at Hi Simon, It’s difficult to debug without knowing your exact set-up and indeed without being physically present but have you read the section “Setup the Wireless” above?


The interval between the up is that number set in Alarm Service Settings, Interval.

I know the settings are -fm136 as I am using them in my other devices. Open IE and type in the unknown address with “: Unknown June 3, at Clicking on the “Call” button opens a square with numbers from 1 to 15 What are these numbers and what should I choose? Even on my iPhone remotely. Your cart is empty.

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Not sure I understand what you mean about software and url. Try to easny things by getting it working locally first not via internet to ensure that is not the issue.

My isp is RCN and it is pop. Daniel Barnett July 9, at 7: Anonymous September 22, at 2: Hi I am also having a problem to view my camera over the internet.

My problem is as soon as I open the set up wizard to find the camera it cuts off my laptop from the internet or WiFi connection to the f-m316. Has been added to your cart. The computer recognized the camera and I even got the firewall hazard widow and O.


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I am unable to find where to set my sd card to re-record when full. Anonymous September 24, at Do you have any suggestions?

On the plus side everything is working, email, remote viewing, iPhone and iPad and it will record. What you see in the pictures is what you jp.

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In the detection of motion, the camera sends to my email six images in the space of six seconds between frame to frame. Am I missing something?

The test function in the settings of the IPcamera suceeds and the log detects motion however I am now not getting e-mail alerts and don’t really know why. My cam has no sticker on it to read ot the macadresses. Sorry to post this on your site, but can’t find another way to contact you!