Other network userscan simply connect to the server and access the sharedprinter see below. You let the print serverscan for an available access point automatically ormanually assign the SSID of the access point you want touse. The printserver also has a built-in DHCP server. Print server has to join zones of AppleTalkbefore it can be shared to other workstations. Page 95 Step 2: Only workstations in the same zone can share the printer. The followingprocedures are operated in Windows XP.

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The printer drivers are being installed. You can usethis name to identify the print server when you aresearching for the print server by the administration andclient utilities. Choose to set the print whether as a default printeror not. Hardware InstallationUnpack the print server package and verify that all theitems listed in the section 1.

Any software described in this manual is soldor licensed “as is”. Page 95 Step 2: You have completed the setting.

Edimax 2 USB + 1 Parallel Ports Print Server PSU Leaflet – Page 1 of 2 |

The following chapters introduce: This information will be displayed in theSNMP management tool. Guide Ddimax Through All the Settings. After installation, the printer model will be added tothe list. Choose to print the test page or not.


Page 5 SafetyThis equipment is designed with the utmost care for the safety ofthose who install and use it. TKIP and enter a set of shared key. Pass Job when Error Occurred: Enter apriority number for the queue service, or press Enterto accept the default.

Edimax 2 USB 2.0 + 1 Parallel Ports Print Server PS-3207U Leaflet

Now, you have completed the Print Serversetup. This utility provides the most complete management andconfiguration functions on the print server side.

Page 96 Step 4: Page 82 Note that before you upgrade the firmware please makesure that the IP Address settings of the print server are edmiax same network as your computer. Youcan let the print server automatically select the channelthat is the same with the peer or manually assign achannel.

Open Print and Fax from the System Preferences.

Password, enter the password you want to change to theprint server. Mode is the operation mode of wireless station. Page 24 Installation procedure is separated into following two parts: If you have just installed another new print server in thenetwork, you must run this program first. If the print server you have is with multiple printerconnectors, you may create multiple print queues andprinter objects. Thisprint server allows your eidmax to become a shared deviceon the network.


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Perform the standard Add Printer procedure, then you canprint directly to the printer through the newly installedprint server. Theselimits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation. You can even share your printer to Wdimax. The Administrator Installation Program have executed theinstallation procedure that performs the following tasks: Please make sure that the Print Server and the Printerhave turned on and connected to the network correctlybefore you continue.

The longer key length can provide better securitybut worse transmission throughput. Administrator Installation and Setup refer to section 2for more detailed information.

The Client Installation procedure is completed.