Wheres the ADAT optical interface? I downloaded one from the Emagic site. Can anybody said-me how to install aw for w? I guess i should consider myself lucky. Ben Harrison not so rich Email: I have been using Logic 5.

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Iredg’s review – Emagic Audiowerk II – Audiofanzine

Im currently recording a Christmas CD with it and Im very happy with its clean and surprisingly warm sound. And aint just a sales rep thats full o’ shit! To cut down on spammers, cookies must be rmagic to post comments to this page. Many of the soundcards that are basically just audio interfaces without a synth engine include a MIDI port as well. I lost my 25 pin cable and need to make a new cable anyone know what pin conects to what output or input?

This is a cool card Im sure it is in their best interests to beat their competitors to a fully multi-media friendly eagic channel soundcard. Sign in to disable this ad.

Pictures and images Emagic Audiowerk 8 – Audiofanzine

Im emafic professional jazz guitarist in the Philadelphia area. My user type is: Ben Harrison not so rich Email: Dont you realise that this would increase sales enourmously.


More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Sorry if all these comments I’ve been puttin up are annoying you, just that you are the only dude around who seems to know his shit. I found on the net the price: I have cubase audiowerm vst 3. What can we do without a good MME driver??

Was genial, with reason rewired and cubase SX there was no latency, till I reinstall my PC and now it dost work the drivers. I will stick it out and hope Emagic solves the crash and driver problems soon. And -if we need any- audioewrk can I get a driver?

Could e-magic please please come up with a multimedia driver for windows 95 that will allow users to utilise all 8 separate outputs on the Audiowerk card from other programmes? Apart from that it works fine.

All user reviews for the Emagic Audiowerk 8

Is it a good card, should I buy it? Everything is clean an it integrates well into Logic Audio Product rating out of 5: Where can I download it!


This means when using AW 8 and a system message appears the sys crashes. He is an professiol musician.

I’ve found this to occsionally be a point of confusion — when you say a sound card “has MIDI,” this is ambiguous — it can mean a couple of things. Will I be able to at least use the digital out with digital performer 2.

This was an expensive bit of hardware.

It was a nightmare to install in Windows. Will this work ie is 7 an estimation for 6. Please help us, Dennis Product rating out of 5: Like most professional grade sequencing software, it’s a bit ovewhelming.

Otherwise a good product Also there is the sample rate that keep changing?