When you load media, the printer automatically detects its width. Paper axis provides access to a further menu in which to enter values determined by examining the paper axis test pattern. Some may not be available for with certain printer models. Several things affect the temperature of the cartridge including the ambient temperature, the number of dots that have recently been printed and the cartridge heater circuit. Memory Errors If the “Insufficient raster memory” message displays, press the Reset button to clear the message and abort the print job. Choose the right media You can rely on Encad media for rich, vivid images across the entire color spectrum. For media on which the ink bleeds more readily, use a lower density.

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If the printer runs out of memory, the current nest will be printed immediately, so that t-2000 may be reclaimed for use by new plots.

See “Print Modes” in Chapter 2.

Encad/kodak Cis2 Black Ink Cartridge & Caddy Kit for Encad T-200 Printers

After installing the software, try printing one of the images. Aligning the ink cartridges Two tests are provided to help you align the cartridges: Then click OK after the files are installed.

Only, the top last layer will plot. If a solid pattern is not printed, run the color test again.

The Encad T is a perfect example of the encsd to excellence that defines all the products offered at this site. With Control set to Printer, the printer will ignore RP commands in the plot file and only print one plot. Print Quality Many of the print quality concerns can be resolved by priming, cleaning, and calibrating the cartridges.


Carriage axis failure This may be caused by using matte paper which may curl and cause carriage axis failure. Manual jet compensation If you are unable encda clear a clogged jet, you can manually compensate for it following the steps below.

If the original file needs to be restored, simply delete the modified ACAD. Use the up or down arrow button to display the number for the user settings i. Choosing print mode options Your printer offers several print modes which let you make tradeoffs between speed and quality.

ENCAD T Troubleshooting guide |

To avoid static damage to the printer, never touch the circuit board or its components without first touching the bright metal portions of the printer.

Specifies the time lapse before the printer actually cuts the media and drops the plot in the catch tray. Try setting the Margins option to Expanded to make the print area larger. It is t-2000 supported for RTL files. If you remove a roll of media from the printer, be sure to store it in a manner which keeps it clean and dust-free. If this occurs, increase the amount of ink reduction.

Activates the printer’s paper take-up device, if available. If you do want to import files at this time, you will need the correct file names for entering here.


Some tests are performed between prints and require no user input, while others require user input. Contact your network administrator or your dealer. Remember, the printer is reading the value programmed into ecad chip on the cartridge, it is not actually detecting the cartridge type.

Alternately, use the GO. You should review the entire installation instructions before starting the installation. Cartridge spits small amounts of ink on paper Nozzle plate may be encqd.

Draft – This mode generally is used when speed is more important than quality. Load cut sheets from the front of the printer. Be sure to set Save Media to ON. Printer Health Printer will not turn on Make sure the power cord is securely attached to the printer and plugged into an operating outlet. To measure the marks laid down by the printer, you will need a ruler or scale at least 33 inches Select sheet if you intend t-2200 use cut sheet stock.

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