All benchmark results should only offer a comparison among themselves. This is rather unusual, because so far it was unfortunately only reserved for Socket processors to work at the same time with two PCIe video cards. So far, it’s the only model from EPoX with this combination of a chipset and a processor socket, so its PCB layout is unique. EPoX techical support claims they will not be adding this feature to future BIOS revisions as they state that there are significant differences btween the DTR line and the standard desktop line. The PCB itself is also labeled appropriately. My personal favorite is the Port 80 diagnostics card. Officially the nForce4 SLI is supposed to only be a Socket platform dual channel DDR and all that , and this could explain why none of the Tier one motherboard manufacturers have released similar products.

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EPoX Computer EP-8NPA SLi, Socket 754, AMD Motherboard

Initially, I booted the system at standard voltage because EPoX limits processor voltage fpox to standard, plus. It overclocks well but runs surprising warm even with good air cooling. Legacy devices such as floppy, serial and parallel ports can also be configured here. The BIOS includes options to configure nearly all memory timings available. Is the Mobile XP the best value processor?!?!


Doom 3 and Conclusions. The si available ssli you are CPU dependent, with multipliers ranging from 4x to 25x. In fact, this model lacks only FireWire to get to the high-end level. Thanks for the support and encouragement. BioShock Infinite and Metro: AMD’s Socket platform is experiencing a bit of a revival right now. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Noise level, dB A: I should have noticed that their website stressed that you didn’t need a fast processor in order to maintain great SLi based performance.

But considering the lack of dual-channel mode, you don’t have to buy two modules at once. This condition requires an inexpensive SLI motherboard, supporting budget processors, which are usually installed on such computers. Only, time will tell.

EPoX 8NPA SLI — a combination of two PCI Express x16 slots and one… Socket

Will this budget oriented SLI solution compete with the big boys? They offer beside the post code display to examining possible starting errors recently still 2 buttons for Power and Reset: Special sl to EPoX for their support.

EPoX techical support claims they will not be adding this feature to future BIOS revisions as they state that there are significant differences btween the Epoxx line and the standard desktop line. Keyboard shortcut to switch between two displ Finally, the whole sistuation places EPoX in a less competitive position than their rivals.


EPoX 8NPA SLI Motherboard – Boosting the forgotten Socket

Video 3Digests Video cards: Indeed, you can get a bonus in games that load mostly video cards by reinforcing the graphics system at the cost of the platform. BTW, thanks sil the encouragement. It’s nice to see the life of AMD’s Socket processor extended.

BIOS settings will please fans of manual configuration of frequencies and timings. I’d like apologize for the overly eppox post and I wish you all well in this matter. Both instruction guides are detailed and clearly outline what novice users need to know. It goes without saying that there is no point in buying initially two low-end cards instead of one, on a par to their joined performance.

Epox have certainly built a lean green motherboard here. Riddle me this, batman; WTH is going on with Write a comment below.

MondayFebruary 13, Author: For overclockers, PC Health shows real-time status of the fan speeds, voltages, and temps.