This show the quality of the paint used on fake golf clubs is a lot poorer than that of the genuine articles. Discussion in ‘ Golf Equipment Talk ‘ started by stemo , Nov 12, They could have been assembled by somebody used and sold on as a package but if they were brand new I’d be a little concerned. Heck, if only of them were sold, Thats a 1k right there. I am a lefty so maybe this protects me a little, but the response to garagesalegolf on ebay is extremely positive and I felt very good about them for that reason. I finally got half my money back and kept the club. Was about to make an order on http:

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I repeat that Rockbottom admitts it does not hold accounts with many major golf brands for the authorised purchase of golf clubs. They seem to offer a pretty good deals. View the source code of the page.

We have new images going up on a regular basis as well as loads more content to help you in your quest for golfing perfection! There is a lot of fake stuff getting around and some of it is hard to spot. This post saved him a headache.

Callaway Big Bertha 460

Looking at the images attached there are a number of obvious flaws you can look out for. First ask yourself what is tour issued — if such a thing exists.

Anyone have any ideas or information about this supplier. Does anyone know about greatsalegolf. At least you know where to go if something goes wrong.


The head feels super light. Note how the band enclosing the arrow on the fake is slightly thinner — and that the arrow is a slightly stronger colour. My friend purchased a new set of King Cobra from the website last year.

If anyone else has had encounters with fake websites or other crooks please let us all know. On the fake it is recessed, on the real one it is proud. I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Aug 30, Messages: Nike Sumo SQ Driver To the untrained eye, the counterfeit driver left is not immediately apparent; the main giveaways are that the yellow paint is not quite the correct shade — and the casting of the raised triangular shards within the yellow section are not as crisp and proud as the genuine article.

They could have been assembled by somebody used and sold on as a package but if they were brand new I’d be a little concerned. As you can see the red paint use is slightly lighter than that on the genuine article from Callaway.

Callaway Big Bertha Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Reading the story that they were highlighted in Golf Digest and GolfWorld magazine as a top store made me feel a little comfortable. A hit off the toe still went a considerable distance. Bertna on the website, wait until brtha online wants to help you via chat. On the genuine bib right it is a nice smooth finish, high quality paint and application, whereas on the fake it is an uneven finish – poor products and application.


How many more need to ask if top quality irons and drivers can be found at less than half the cost as everywhere else???

My buddy just bought a set of Mizuno MX and the colors look awful. On the counterfeit it is black and on the real thing it is orange. In which category do you come into?

Real or fake – Callaway Community

So they sold through the gray market. I’ve let a few of my buddies try it out and they’ve all made the same comment. Any other question, please feel free to contact us. That coin also represents my intermediate target when on a real green, when playing for a score.

Here we have one of the most popular fairways of the last few years. Only the manufacturer is not Mizuno but a Chinese sweatshop. I asked customer service she guranteed that they were from the original manufacturer and if i didnt like them i could send them right back for full refund…….