If still experience issues with your wheel afterwards then feel free to reply back to this thread. As w mentioned in a recent IRL piece, this is an extremely solid offering that allows for a permanent yet movable setup, and a proper racing seat feel. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. However, that does mean that at the moment I am not sure of where the actual mistake is. Got it up and running Had pedal in 2 days. My only negative comment about it is in regards to the aesthetics as the top plastic semi circle seems to be skewed to one side, in other words it is not completely round.

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Support across all platforms may make it a tempting option even for less dedicated racers, as it may still prove more convenient and less cumbersome than buying multiple wheels for different platforms.

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I would definitely recommend this wheel to everyone but the hardcore sim racers. Speaking of shifting, all three options paddles, sequential and H-pattern sticksfor the most part, worked admirably.

I don’t have a wheel myself to test this, but what I could do was go in-game to double-check the name of the wheel against the one on our supported list. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The cable is cheap but the shipping is a bit steep. I have to say that the connector on the pedal could stand to be a bit more sturdy, but it is well placed. Shift past the break find out in our full review. Lastly, positioned on the wheel’s dash is the familiar Xbox guide button.


None yet, but it’s used and it’s Fanatec so I am hoping I don’t have to find out. The wheel feels solid as a rock but smooth at the same time, allowing you to almost hand-lead even the most unruly cars into the most challenging corners without the slightest hitch. Sign in with Twitter.

Cronusmax + Fanatec CSR vs Thrustmaster TMX? – Hardware & Peripherals – Forza Motorsport Forums

I think I’ve found a power supply on eBay that should work? Furthermore, while the pieces are modular within Fanatec’s and some of Logitech’s other racing gear, it always leaves the option for changing out parts down the line or upgrading a section of your current setup.

Fanatec thankfully offers some fxnatec for fsnatec problem this time around with a button combo that’ll have the fans remain off until the wheel determines it needs cooling. The LCD lights up, letting you save up to five custom presets fwnatec adjustments for: Although it turned out to be a mixed bag, Fanatec pleasantly surprised us with its Porsche GT2 and Clubsport Pedals in January of this year — despite a roaring fan and shaky shifter mounts.

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Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR wheel and Elite pedals review

The functionality on a keyboard the functions would be on the Page Up and Page Down keys is default mapped to buttons on my wheel that don’t exist. This is also a similar issue to my Sequential shifter. Register a new account. Sorry just looked at the link and that says it will work with what I’ve got.


Need for Speed The internal motor is also extremely smooth and not too noisy, even when fighting for control after taking a corner to tight. I can’t really test my theory since I don’t have nor know anyone who has an Elite At first I thought it was just mine, but after seeing a few video reviews it seems other wheels have fanatc same issue.

I hope this clears things up for you.

Thursday, December 15, 5: I forwarded the information you provided before the weekend. Good luck and happy racing.

Review: Fanatec CSR Wheel, CSR Elite Pedals and CSR Shifter Set

Overall score out of 5 4. I did notice a small flaw, though: With certain games like Forza, you’ll also get the added benefit of shock vibration, letting you feel bumps, scrapes and even engine revs, fanatecc just like the Forza 3 wheel, it’s much too tame for our taste — even when cranked up.

Oddly though, it doesn’t function correctly unless the console is turned on first — at best it’s a minor announce. Hi I’m new to all this stuff so please forgive my ignorance.