AMONG London’s reinsurance brokers, there are signs of belief— or at least, of cautious hope — that their market has come of age. They can write several classes of business, involving several layers of treaty contracts, some to one reinsurer, and others apportioned to a number of reinsurers. Unilever, a conglomerate with in- i terests in food, detergents and toiletries, disclosed that it already held 42 per cent of Brooke Bond. Tfew competition came from others – quarters. The life cover under each mortgage repayment policy is comparatively low — too small to need reinsurance. This puts the operating unit executives to a much more exuosed wridon.

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The life reassurance com- panies themselves are affected to a large extent by the sol- vency margin requirements. Of superb recreational facilities, including tennis and squash.

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The union is to ballot its 3. The question of negotiating fish- ing access for the powerful Spanish fleet appears equally deadlocked, with toe European Commission suggesting that tbe number of Spanish boats will have to be halved over a period of time.

Completion Is fun-hin scheduled for October. Mail order address only. But the increases do not necessarily go in step. In all too many markets, how- ever, reinsurance companies provide only a very minimum of Information as to their via- bility and solvency.

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This close cooperation and industry understanding fjn-jin led to the development of innovative products tailormade to meet the industry’s needs and to facilitate optimal cash and financial management worldwide. Up to a point, the new economic upswing was welcome, since it brought about desirable increases in output, real income, employment and most forms fu-jin economic activity. Experts of the French Atomic Energy Agency had been reported by the Dutch salvage company to have found a con- centration of 2.

The conference opens today in Brighton and up to 10, gt16-04b1 are expected to demonstrate. However if the London office is merely a contact point passing on business which Is legally accepted outside the UK then such authorisation is not required.


Send off now for a booklet and application form by completing the coupon below. The systems were originally designed for use by jobbing printers and publishers. It can then esse the burdens by taking the necessary reassurance funjin the business. Nor has Arig become a dump- ing ground for the poorqiulity business rejected by other re- insurers, It is not so greedy for growth that it will support low rating or other unsound practices.

C the business year to allow toe companies to boost June 30 by a modest 4 per their reserves quite handsomely cent to DM 9. US PS No Life reassurance companies have not only expanded their operations through writing bread-and-butter risk premium bumness; they have boosted their growth through their financial support of the smaller unit – linked life companies operating in the UK.

Those seeking this type of pro- tection might be required to retain for their own account a propo r tion, usually 10 per cent of tiie risk. Car strike notice The United Auto Workers Union said its members voted to authorise strikes against General Motors and Ford If union bargainers deem It neces- sary to obtain new national labour contracts. The announcement of the visit was expected weeks ago and the delay was said to reflect con- tinued Soviet opposition.

Non-proportional business has gained in popularity in the past few years since it -is designed to stabilise the results of any risk carrier using reinsurance through ‘reducing its exposure on any individual risk. The Emir of Kano is one of the most respected northern ft116-04b1 and a leader of Nige- ria’s Muslims, while the Oni of Ife holds the senior king- ship among the Yoroba people of West Nigeria. Any other payments how- ever— -for example, for the balance of contractual notice over statutory notiee— axe not covered in this way and individuals have to join the list ef unsecured creditors.


Export volume is forecast to rise by about 6 per cent fun-jni and One poll fun-jim President Ronald Reagan 23 points aheadJPfcge 12 Hong Kong progress Britain and China are set to initial a joint declaration in Peking tins month on terms for the hand- over of Bong Song; but talks con- tinue on differences such as aircraft landing rights.

A few other insurers have moved the other way. Interset’s Ff16-04b1 system has the ability to tackle complex tasks such as pagination, index- ing, boxes and rules, and selects and sorts typography, with the minimum of operator interven- tion.

These in- clude redundancies, and the CGT is due to have talks with the industry ministry on toe salvage plan on Wednesday. There have been two changes an the board of directors this year. The big difference in prac- tical terms is that the executive directors now spend a great deal of heir time talking to each ocher about where ICI is going.

On ft16-04v1 contrary, the economy reached a lower turning point as far back as March and sub- sequently moved into a distinct new cyclical upswing. Advantages The speed and cost advant- ages of electronics funds transfer Is particularly valuable to reinsurers transferring vt16-04b1 amount s across national frontiers. There were also some small advances in fire dtteougb oil Mrf petrochemical business re- mained highly competitiveen- gineering and nonproportional re-insurance.

The rein- surer may not know the identity of the ceding company if he is several links removed down the chain will have no way of monitoring the adequacy of the notified outstandings.