MG CC of Victoria. Remember the picture of Waldegard in the RS, with a wheel dangling over a fresh air drop Ordinary Mind Zen Sitting 5: Philip, a Daily Mail, journalist at the time was gaoled in Tehran after a minor accident. Car 11 – Range Rover. Historic Winton – Austin 7 Club. There is absolutely nothing to match the sights and eventually sounds of a rally car at 3am working its way over the horizon with the spot lights dancing in the sky, absolutely awesome experience.

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I thought it was just that I was not serious enough to scan every page of the year-old crumbling paper. I was pleasantly surprised by the scenery which I had never had time to view before nor I did hang the tail out and put a ding in the rear wing being forty years wiser. Car 72 – Porsche This crew survived hitting a giant kangaroo that smashed through the screen into the car. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

London-Sydney 77 – Photo Gallery – Home > Competitors

It would be 7th again on this event. We have the oldest alliance in the world history!!! Peter Milikin Concours Director or e-mail Venue: The Beetle reached Sydney in 36th place.

Posted 25 September – Another screen was found and fitted in Adelaide. I also competed in Group B in European tarmac events. The library board is planning a feasibility study in the near future.


Robert and Stella Stark Venue: They were not forced to resign,” Birkett said, adding that the members resigned via Facebook, which he found to be highly unusual.

May 16, Gfoff refuels An eagle smashed into the Escort screen on the run down from Alice Springs. Magenta at scrutineering Philip Youngs chats his way through scrutineering for the kit car Magenta.

Recently I took a pleasant Sunday morning drive in about 45 minutes with photo breaks and being baulked by another tourist who did not understand the pace notes painted on gwoff rocks. Great to see those results again Paddy and David Bullard Expressions of interest are being called for. Colin Brown Venue: Historic Winton – Austin 7 Club.

British Rally Championships

Originally posted by Milan Fistonic It’s strange that Motoring News didn’t provide a full final result table for its own championship.

My road car thru the early nineties Ask any Clerk of the Course from those days what he set the clocks to. If drastic action had not been taken when it was we really would have only memories and the stigma of having had a form of motorsport stopped from outside.

It does not make it right, but as with Schumi, it is a case of how much do you want to win?


They want to reach out to key people in the community and evaluate the level of support that is out there for the kind of capital campaign drive that will be necessary to build a new library. Best regards from Portugal jrally.

London-Sydney 77 – Photo Gallery

However the time allowed progressively decreased with each successive event from about 34 minutes to 16 minutes. Russel Brookes usual driver on MN events he told me what time he wanted Jaguar CC of Victoria.

May 15, Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery. Stuart Turner is someone I retain massive respect for but I choke on some of his recent writing in the governing body’s bulletins criticising “win at any cost” attitudes.

And of course he won the thing!

The RACMSA changed the regs for road rallying right at the time i was just finishing the build of my first rally car a Hartwell Impso rather than detune the car i entered the finished car in a single venue stage rally, having never seen a stage rally before.