I knew when I bought mine that I would someday need to buy a scope with at least 2 channels. MacFadyen Replied by Andy. Actually I’m very interested to know about pressure tester please let me know if you post it. The cost was twice that of a Uscope but I got a two channel scope and the famous Snap-On troubleshooter as well. I bought my first scope last year. Not sure what issues would exist with firmware updates cost, availability or with content updates again cost and if it is even supported still?

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Secondly, and most relevant to this thread, is the fact that it is a 2 channel scope!

Used Vantage Pros can be found on eBay and Craigslist. Home Buy The Book! Powered by Kunena Forum. Alligator clip probe and supplied BNC connector — click on the image for a larger photo. The longer I used the scope and its software, the fewer glitches … go figure.

I did find a tear down including some technical information about the C there:. 108b North America although they sell a lot of hand tools Snap-On’s diagnostic tools are not so widely used so finding a used Vantage Pro at a good price could be more challenging. As a scope, would something like this do pretty much everything that a 2 channel USB scope does? I would assume there would be a yearly fee to access something like that?

I love the look of the Picoscope and it appears to be great quality the great man himself uses one but as I say even the unit itself with no leads is over my price range. I downloaded the manual, and after a quick read, decided to order one.


Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

The Vantage Pro is also small enough to use in tight corners such as under the dash where using virtual PC based scope like a Hantek or a Picoscope wouldn’t be easy. I am a firm believer in: For a complete feature list, you can visit the manufacturers product pageand if you register, you can download the manual and software. However you don’t need to spend a huge pile of money to get started.

If your personal budget is such that a Vantage Pro is something you can consider, I say go for it! Same here but I watched Pauls, and every other one I could find, before I even bought the tool since that was how I made my final decision to buy it.

First and foremost is the Snap-On component troubleshooter. Just got my Vantage Pro updated to the latest and last version I have bought his “book” and am considering signing up to his paid YouTube channel.

Files to download

Thanks for the write up, nice job! Disadvantages of DSO Nano are small screen, single channel, and the standard firmware interface, also you will need to buy 1008v and adaptors from ebay.

I still use my old Vantage MT when I don’t really “need” to bust out the Verus and that hasn’t had any relevant repair info since ! I would assume it’s scanning ability is limited to reading generic codes and would not contain the necessary software to interogate specific car systems?


It will take me thru autos. It is a USB scope so is tied to using wth a Laptop or PC which might not be the easiest thing in a the paddock of a race track.

When I bought the scope I was offered a special deal on hajtek battery and bag bundle and I suspect the seller was off-loading a suspect load of batteries.

I just completed a rather challenging engine swap and without the Vantage Pro I never would have been able to troubleshoot any of the suspected problem systems.

But they can still be used if you choose to upgrade to a better scope in the future. The standard software is unusable but increasingly I haved notice DSO being sold on eBay with upgraded “Paul’s firmware”. One of the problems with recommending a scope is that shipping, customs duties and local taxes can make a huge difference in cost between continents.

Hantek 1008b 8ch 2.4msa/s Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope Generator V7x4

Snap On and Pico are of top end of the automotive oscilloscope market. FcFadyen seems to like them – any association with the brand? Love that pressure transducer. These items are necessary no matter what scope you use.