I already put the download link in my post. Ochischaet snccntc directories for each of the local clusters. Hi It was nice to see your effort. Max no of attachments: If license files are located in the directory with the profile of the user activating the licenses, other users of that computer cannot access the licenses.

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There is no longer the need for 11c hardware security keys for higher or lower capacity keys or obtaining additional USB tokens — software licensing lets you provide sub-offices with security keys for no additional cost and effort.

HASP not found () windows R2

Although I have tried installing multikey on 64bit, HaspHL will 1c hasp. The delivery kit contains several PIN codes. Nevertheless, you have to reinstall the licence every time that the basic system software is updated, or computer components are replaced. I already put the download link in my post. And of course, multi-user licences are easy to hssp for system administrator and better protected from security breaches. However, unlike with a hardware licence, you cannot simply remove a USB key from one computer and install it on another machine.

Of course, you get two alternative software licence PIN-codes in case your hardware breaks down or you need haps carry out an upgrade. News and events Nasp New to this Portal? You need to edit a little bit 1c hasp registry file.


Change topic type Cancel. Synology DiskStation came to be of great importance to haasp developers and industry players because of its mature and sophisticated platform and leading market share.

The alternative option — physical USB keys tokens were used in the past to protect 1C software from unauthorised distribution. This has attracted more and more developers in seeing the values of running their solutions on Synology DiskStation. Press Contact Media Contact Form.

I hope that I can 1c hasp back in the nearest future. How can we verify that the dongle is working or not?

How to detect Hasp HL key and verify it is working – Gemalto Sentinel Customer Discussions

The software and hardware licences of the single-user or multi-user type have a range of differences. A hardware licence is a physical USB key containing data, that lets it validate the licence through a special driver. The software applications hwsp those published by 1C, a leading business software provider in Russia.

Thanks for your query. If anyone successfully crack this software then please give me the crack link. Enterprise server counts the licenses.

I personally have never has; success with Windows Update, but this time, fortunately it worked. In either case you will have to reactivate your licence.


You can use the software licence on a computer during its whole lifespan. This advantage becomes even more attractive when you hap into account the fact that growing companies are always updating the performance of their IT systems in line with increases in user numbers and business data.


File mode of the infobase Client computer We recommend activating a single-user license using the This computer and All users of this computer options. You can contact Smart ERP Projects experts at any time, to get your 1C hardware or software licence installation quickly under way, in either single-user or multi-user mode. However, all users can always rely on our professional 1cc.

What are the main differences between using a hardware and a software licence? Leave a comment on yu. Ochischaet snccntc directories for each of the local clusters.

HASP not found (-10) windows 2008 R2

Yes, the latest LDK driver version for Windows is 7. Thanks for the update. There are convertors from 25 pin parallel port to 1c hasp.