I have win10 here at home HP desktop , and also an HP allinone at the shop.. Thank you so much. Please add 3 and 1 and type the answer here: So I recently switched to Windows 10 and just discovered tonight that the 6D will not work with that. It loaded and shows that it is running. This was caused by the program not being able to load because it would not recognize the dongle HASP needed to run it. H ” Thank you so much for posting this!

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Yesterday, the computer did an update. H ” This problem occurred when I upgraded from Win8 to Win I followed your directions, and voila Back to Top Contact Us Thank you for your interest in our products. SE Keyword hidden text field for keeping extra info: For the most part I don’t like the 6D embroidery system – too expensive and not as powerful as I would like so I usually use another program.

I tried doing a repair install and also install of drivers from the main install menu — neither helped. I do not know much about computers, just want my 6D Viking to work. If it’s status doesn’t show it as running, in the upper left corner, click on ‘ Run ‘ to start the service.


Print posted on Saturday, March 29, 5: I tried all the same things you did initially and then did a google search and your post came up. You should not have to go to the command line. You are truly Santa this year. I just got a new Windows 10 computer and ran into this problem.

Any suggestion on what should I try next?

HASP Business Studio Server

Back to Top Contact Us Thank you for your interest in our products. Did you do a Windows upgrade or something? H ” Hi, Donna. What does that mean.

After the update the dongle would not work!! Thanks so very much. Google is my go-to to solve problems and found this post first! I called sm for help, still couldn’t get it installed until I came to your comment on how you solved the problem it worked for me!!!! Can not find the script file “C: Enter the code shown above: This got my software running again and it’s the only haspp I know of.


At any point, running the program with the dongle installed resulted in the H error. My question is after downloading the software I clicked on the activate dongle, went through the prompts and the first few times I just clicked next on the screen where it asked for the long activation code because my dongle had been activated previously.

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After following your link, I now works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Look for the the HASP service. I tried researching solutions and yours was spot on. H ” I truly want to thank you for your post. By submitting this form I agree to receive information from Gemalto and its affiliates as described in our Privacy statement.