Positive Recorded Mark Polarity: My calculations support http: After thinking a bit more, 4 hrs may not be hugely off – if it’s creating an temp ISO and Verifying. Good Morning spkonissis ,. The problem was the software.

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Maybe I h-dt-st update the firmware Any bv-re ideas welcome. Max 2 speed for my 4 speed discs. To be honest it starts burning pretty sharpish, and I think at 1X.

Return to Blu-ray Disc Drives. The disc has hampered my burns in the past. Thanks for the auto updater. I changed to Nero 11, and was as smooth as silk. Files are written in multiple blocks and also contain directory sectors so the actual trensfer rate of a file is much less then the rated transfser rate of the drive.

It would take about 30 min to do this part.

HL-DT-ST BD-RE BT10N ATA Device Drivers

I have tried writing to a blank BR disc and it it keeps on failing. In practice, it doesn’t really work this way. I tried what they recommended: BB code is On. I haven’t heard anything hl-dh-st from Chef or the guys at RPC1, so If that doesn’t work the drive’s going back.


HL-DT-ST BD-RE BT10N GL02 firmware – LG burner – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

Note on archived topics. I’m gonna try some Verbatim 4X this time. So I don’t see a problem there. So assuming the firmware is fine, the software is fine, then either it’s the discs or the drive is faulty.

You bdre be able to locate specifications which will provide the details for the supported disk types. I hope this helps. However, the bottleneck remains with the Blu-Ray spec at Mbps.

HL-DT-ST BD-RE BT10N SCSI CdRom Device Drivers

Must be the drive or the disc. Or update the firmware Any suggestions welcome Thanks. I’ve been trying to register with rpc1. I usually am surfing the web, or writing word documents, sometimes downloading, but often I leave it on doing nothing be-re burning.

Even if you have devilsclaw’s flasher, its not going to do you much good without a newer firmware you can update to. I can see their point in that why would you ship a drive with a firmware that won’t achieve the rated speeds. Message 1 of 2. I can see their point in that why would you ship a drive with a firmware that won’t achieve the rated speeds.

  ACER 5050-3785 DRIVER

I’m burning from an external 1. Welcome to the HP Forums!

I ran Nero Info Tool: FF Next Writable Address: That’s still not where I want to hl-et-st at, but a vast improvement.

However, don’t think Nero is the problem since ImgBurn has the limitation of speed also.