The M can log GPS points for up to 12 hours with one alkaline AA cell recommended at room temperature, 10 hours at high temperature or 2 hours at low temperature. It is just about 1 year old now. Packaging includes USB cable and car lighter adapter Caveat: Additionally, since there are various Bluetooth implementations “stacks” , you may have to adjust these instructions for particular software-hardware combination. Logging these parameters requires a significant share of the device’s memory and reduces the capacity of points that can be logged.

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Holux Technology M-1000C Free Driver Download (Official)

Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. Click on one of the start scripts for Mac Os X. I got the unit as a gift, without any extras, but I have attached a strap from a digital camera to the above-mentioned top-nose-holes. I am using the autoupdate development version of bt great software, thanks!

If one expects to be inundated or to use it in the rain, it should be enclosed in a waterproof plastic container, a zip-closure polyethylene freezer bag, or a zip-closure vinyl envelope designed for electronics. In other languages Add links. In other languages Add links. This should be obvious, but always remember to check the package contents list before buying; never had any trouble so far, but it’s always good to be careful for charging up the battery.


Pressing the Enter button logs the waypoint, and confirms it by briefly displaying a little flag icon in the bottom left corner. It makes a track from every time you switch on the device and you will get the waypoints. You can easily send custom commands by editing the source code. Since it is hard to buy a new Holux M in India, I have been patching it, soldering it a few times now. You can save batteries by using a USB cable and using the power from your laptop, which should last much longer.

This unit was successfully used with Bluetooth-enabled laptops and Nokia N80 with only one firmware-related problem. One can charge Ni-MH batteries even with remaining charge, without risk of “memory effect”.

Since I am tall, falling has to be avoided. Delivered with a driver for Windows. To download the tracks with GPSBabel:.

Dindows low use it can run over a year without any problems. Have your computer search for Bluetooth devices. You can get the driver on the Web site of the manufacturer of the chip set: It featured a magnet; useful to fix it on the car roof.

It is very good, and therefore the hard work is worth the effort.

If you are not running bash as your shell, you need to modify the scripts, so that the first line reads:. Capacity of the 4MB model is data points depending on the amount of logged details, battery capacity is around hrs.


Holux – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Windlws, I am grateful for the hint about the connectors on the little cap wearing out. This is some documentation you can use:. For a source of ideas of m000c commands you can send, you can look into the BT source code. I do recharge the battery via my USB cable, while I download the tracks. Its lithium battery lasts about 10 hours, and is a standard model so you can get a cheap spare from eBay, etc.

If you manually set the logging rate under 1s, the device will raise it automatically until the next logging starts. Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. We recommend you get something else instead. It is also completely waterproof.

Default logging of speed is added, and the internal binary logging format is changed from 16 to 20 bytes per log point, to allow 4 bytes for the speed.

It features a x32 pixel monochrome LCD display with green backlight to show current position and device status.

MC is a small data logger with internal 4MB some models 2MB storage, replaceable nokia standard battery BL-4Cbluetooth connectivity, only 3 status LEDs and zero buttons winfows from the power switch.