You may need to do this a few times till it runs thru all the checks.. This option may appear more than once. It is generally a driver conflict or files that are stuck in the print queue that are causing the problem. The Zenographics file also requires 3 other files that are also produced by Zenographics. If it helps do share your thoughts here. Didn’t find what you were looking for?

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Note on archived topics. I would suspect it to be with the print queue or the drivers.

Thanks for propagating the answer. Has there been any success in getting this to stop for good? Open registry editor and zenograpuics here:. Restart the computer and you should be good to go. Thread Title Printer sharing with Windows 7 64 bit Started by: And another one from the other forum.

It was a driver issue. I am not sure why you had problems with the files.

HP LJ 1018 1020 1022 Spooler error – Fixed

Sadly this fix seems to be working better for ‘s. It should say that the print spooler is not running and you click the button to fix it. I have found what seems to be the solution to this problem. I have like 10 of the printers at my office and run into this all the time. The default is 3 medium.


It requires access to one of it required files that the remote user does not have access to. There are manual ways of doing the same thing that the diagnostic does. Message 11 of All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Here is what you np need to do. Didn’t find what you were looking for?

It is generally a driver conflict or files that are stuck zenovraphics the print queue that are causing the problem. You know, as in the Real Player became Real Next post: If it helps do share your thoughts here.

Only the computer its connected to 101 print. I was on the phone with him for like 2 hours and eventually he made me change the printer to my workstation and the printer printed no problem on it.

I accepted but still waited for that file that would guarantee the crash every time I would try to print it on the printer.


I don’t know how this person found it, but HP really needs to fix this if a user had to find a fix that works. Ok, zwnographics have fixed the issue link to the zenographics driver. Movies, gadgets, technology, Mother Earth. Also the Marvell file is part of a newer driver.

They know theres a problem and they know where the problem is they need to update and fix this.

HP LJ Spooler error – Fixed

Message zenographcs of Message 16 of Download the utility from this link and run it. This isn’t a corporate traffic heavy network, its a 2 computer home network that excuse is pathetic. When I had to put the printer on windows 7 64 bit ult the printer stopped printing from the networked computers.