This is for my primary drive, not the ultra bay. Thanks for the info, everyone. I generally don’t upgrade BIOS unless there’s something in it that affects me, e. Search everywhere only in this topic. Writing the message on it.

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Message 6 of So you have three options: What newer Thinkpad models use a compatible hard disk that I could slip mine into?

Well, thanks for your answers, although they didn’t make me particularly happy The SATA connector and drives are all compatible.

Cheers, George In daily use: This website uses cookies. If I use only one module and put it in the top slot, the laptop doesn’t boot up and it gives a beep code error. The LEDs light up power and battery but no sound goes out and the screen remains black no Thinkpad logo, nothing.

According to Intel, my chipset supports 3G transfer rates, but apparently Lenovo has not enabled this for the T61p? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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T60 Sata II speeds – Thinkpads Forum

I will be acquainting myself with HP, Dell, and Asus notebooks with an eye on future purchases. Apologies if this has been answered definitively, but I could not find the answer I wanted with search function.

Free forum by Nabble. I’d update the BIOS to the latest one, but be aware that any update of such nature carries the risk of bricking the machine if something goes wrong.

for IBM ThinkPad T60 T60p T61 T61p SATA 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy | eBay

I hate being played and that is what Lenovo did buy capping the sata speed and not informing the customer. Hi, I know this is completely unrelated but I didn’t want sataa create a new topic To close the loop, I bought a sxta T and everything is going well with no issues on the drive compatibility. Will the ThinkPad T4x palm rest fit on the T60?

Unlike with older computers, there really is no capacity limitation for machines with SATA interfaces. I may have zapped it with static as the screen went blank when I picked it up off the desk a few weeks ago and it has not restarted since. That made a huge improvement in performance.


However you won’t generally notice the speed difference in practice. IBM Lenovo Z61p Anyhow, my opinion is that it’s more of a “we need to release X months from now and have to work with the available technology” than a laziness issue.

T60 harddrive interface, SATA or IDE?

In testing rotating media drives, our measurements show data throughput difference between 1. We are speaking about a ib different machines and disks here.

Message 10 of What burns my butt is that i waited for sata2 support before I purchased the T60p’s. I also remember that a Promise raid controller choked it to sata 1 speeds.

So then I have to power off the machine and remove the module at the top RAM slot. This is really disappointing. As I already sxta the drive I’m looking for a compatible laptop to put it in. Message 7 of For t61 there will be probably a BIOS fix.