Type in an 8-digit administrator code. Page Decreased copy quality may result if the surface of the image transfer roller is touched. Configuring the Utilities and Fax Chapter 6 number. Different settings may be programmed for each. None of the following can be selected:

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Stack the pages of the document face up as shown, making sure that all pages are aligned at the top edge and on the left side.

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An illustration inserted here shows what operations must be performed. Return the guide to its original position.

Bit Details 7 6, 5 4 3, 2, 1, 0 imf Specifies whether to rotate incoming faxes. Original Document Copy Position the document s to be copied.

The screen for specifying the setting appears.

To achieve optimum utility of this device, all operators should carefully read and follow the instructions in this manual.

Description Of The Screens The current settings are shown with graphics. It will be useful should there be anything you do not understand during use, or if a problem arises. Page — 2in1 2-Point Staple Document: Displays the results from sending and receiving faxes. Do not turn off the machine while it is scanning or sending or receiving data, otherwise all scanned data or transmission data will be deleted.


Equipped with a paper drawer that can supply sheets of paper, for upper paper feed unit only.


You can also clear all counter values at once. Touch [Auxiliary], and then touch [Image Repeat].

Switchback Unit When copying to both sides of a page, this turns over the paper. Make sure you observe all of the precautions listed in this manual. To erase the value, press the [C] key. Enter the box name, and touch imagistucs.

Port Sets the procedure that is performed when documents are received at each port line. Page 74 imagisstics To verify the documents stored in the co The paper is damp. Page The maximum number of jobs to be The total amount of jobs to be Ask the administrator to clear printed has been reached.

Utility Mode Operations 4 Touch and to adjust the setting, and then touch [Enter]. Administrator Management Operations 2 Touch [Admin. The Documents transmitted or received and stored in memory are retained for about 12 hours in the case of power failure provided that the power to the machine has been ON for about 24 hours prior to the power failure.


Alternatively, the following can be configured per account by entering the registered access code. NG Communications with all destinations imagisttics unsuccessful. Copier Total counter This counter shows the total number of copies made. Touch [Card], and then touch [Enter]. Decreased copy quality may result if the surface of the image transfer roller is touched.

Imagistics-Printers Copiers and Print Management Solutions – Advanced Office Equipment

imagiztics Page Page – To select a stored non-standard custom Contact your authorized service representative if an extension cord is required. Please dispose according to local, state and federal regulations. With Image Back Cover: Slide the paper guides to fit the size of the paper to be loaded.