The final result should be greater than the dBm figure to have any hope of receiving a channel. V-Gear doesn’t provide support, my board is made in japan, nothing in Internet makes sense to me So, I am in need of a way to get the above commands to stay in effect after the computer is restarted. Everything works on Windows XP, but not in Windows 7. You can tell if it works or not by running As the firmware’s code has not been discerned, it is unclear whether other firmware for the Nxt i.

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Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Install Drivers and Software. Where can I download it for free? Go ahead and reboot. About making Kworld TV Tuner work So I quess the place I want to start is in getting my system back to the way it was before, so I can make another attempt either with the method that worked for me only the 1 time, or the method you suggested.

Make sure you extract the files first before running or else they won’t work. Everything worked, except the tuner.


KWorld Global TV Terminator – MythTV Official Wiki

I have Windows 7 Professional bit. A lot of the documentation I found said to use the saaalsa module for sound; this module is not loaded by KnoppMyth by default, and I found that when I loaded it, it caused a kernel panic.

Im using windows 7. The modules important to the remote control should be automatically loaded by KnoppMyth. Can you tell me how to handle this situation?

The directionality and height of the transmit and receive antennas, multi-path signals, terrain and environment effect will all alter OTA reception.

KWorld Global TV Terminator

At my end it worked with Windows Media Centre in W7 Ult 64b, with the leftovers from previous installation [read: Uninstall all your TV Card drivers only. Views Read View source View history.

Yes Alsa direct only works with mplayer, using a pure digital path. Install your TV Card first. I put these commands in a script, which is run when the Kwofld backend starts up. Download the Windows Vista or Windows 7.

May 11th, 9. The remote is not fully supported in the kernel but the knowledge exists on how to get it working by patching the kernel.

I think The error is not with the program In Windows kworlx check, you click on ” View available update ” option under ” Install Update ” button. Sax7134 worked fine till I turned it off. You need to tell KnoppMyth to use this audio device in the capture card setup.


Can you help me? About making Kworld TV Tuner work I tried again to use the method that I described above and it did not work this time.

This topic applies anyway??? Al continuar navegando por este sitio, aceptas este uso. Go to device manager and scan in that folder to install.

So once again, create your saa file: Even though you can see all the files after you download, you need to extract the files first.

If you do not install the sound drivers on your computer, the card will not work completely. May 11th, 5. May 11th, 7.

In trying to get it working I came across this web site