Thanks for the quick response. The most important functions are the open, close, read, and write. The status word is comprised of individual bits, each with a different meaning. The count specifies the number of bytes to write. You can set parameters such as baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits and flow control through the COM port configuration of the operating system. Hardware-specific information about the status of the selected port.

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OpenCom – LabWindows/CVI Help – National Instruments

The following table shows the syntax for opening ports one through four. Is my code good? Unfortunately we do not write code for customers, however, if you are experiencing a specific error, we could work with you to get around this error. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Because you do not want to tie up computer resources waiting for ComRd to complete, and you do not want to make the serial input buffer extremely large, you must be notified of when data is present at the port. Windows Input queue filled and input characters lost; you did not remove characters fast enough. Most of the time 0 means success, and negative values mean error. Download Help Windows Only. A number that indicates the COM port on which to operate.


When you receive an error code you can use GetRSErrorString function to get a verbal description of the error. It is not necessary to use the OpenComConfig function. Thanks for the quick response. Most Active Software Boards: This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

User button “Stop” must terminate scaanning. Using InstallComCallback with Serial Reads Consider a situation in which an instrument generates a large amount of data, or takes a long time to obtain a data point.

Windows and Labwkndows Overrun error detected; a character was received before the receiver data register was emptied. Any help would be much appreciated! String “” emulates data from COM-port. CVI allows you to specify a buffer in memory to store contents of the input queue and output queue. However, the Windows serial driver might use a different number for the actual queue size.

I’m novice in LabWindows.

When the queue length equals zero, it is safe to close the port. These functions are described below. This number maps to labwidows COM port specified by the deviceName parameter.



The count specifies the number of bytes to write. Message 1 of 9. The portNumber 1, for example, may not necessarily map to COM1. This value can provide input for the number of bytes to read. I labwinodws it difficult to find these examples. The byte field should be the data you want to send to the comm kit. Also you could look to www.

Serial Port Test from LabWindows/CVI

It must scan ports state and indicate when some words are appeared. The result of this function call. August Rs-2232 Number: Thank you for answer.