This can also only be seen as average and expresses itself in an unsatisfactory dark-gray rather than a saturated black reproduction. Now we come to the next main category: A big gap is created in the base unit’s back part when the battery is removed. Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge E pleases with the known robust casing. It was very impressive in the test subjectively. The E absolutely confirms this in a few points.

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Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335 Notebook

Consequently, Lenovo’s business laptop can be easily used on the lap. The power consumption naturally climbs during load. There is no need to mention that a much faster SSD cannot be expected in this price range. Nevertheless, it fits tight enough in its compartment.

In return, the base unit of the 1. The device nevertheless leaves a surprising and absolutely satisfactory as well as ThinkPad typical robust quality impressionespecially considering the very low price. The E’s computing performance is so weak that any gaming or graphic editing intention is made impossible.

A big gap is created in the base unit’s back part when the battery is removed. Touchpad The touchpad did not quite continue the keyboard’s good impression.


Instead, Lenovo relies on a recovery partition on the laptop’s hard disk, like most manufacturers. Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge E comes in a simple, rather unstylish box. The scores achieved in Cinebench R10 single and multi-core rendering were only in the lower thousand and two thousand range, which is very slow.

We are used to more severely clattering and cheaper-looking keyboards in much higher-priced laptops. Our test device consumed an average of a very low 8.

Lenovo ThinkPad L412 4403-72G NVU72UK

The E’s noise emissions and temperature development are exceptionally low, particularly due to the extremely low performance.

A brief look at the ThinkPad Edge E’s hardware configuration should however be enough to realize that it is just as lenvoo a performance behemoth as the Intel counterpart. This even beats the 9. Thus, it is not surprising that the Unigine Heaven 2.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E Notebook – Reviews

Design is a matter of tasteā€¦. A recovery DVD is not included in the scope of delivery – which is logical since there is no corresponding drive. Various websites are visited automatically in medium brightness. However, it will very likely find its fans after a while of familiarization. The Elder Scrolls V: Lenovo introduces the Edge E from its well-known ThinkPad range for particularly tight budgets.


X-Rite i1 Pro 2. The touchpad did not quite continue the keyboard’s good impression. The color gamut lennovo showed that the E’s screen does not come close to covering the large sRGB color space. Again, technical excellence cannot be expected here. The E lasted for This is due to the battery, which is positioned between both display hinges at the rear.

Now we come to the next main category: It generally makes a fairly pale impression. This is also the case in the ThinkPad Edge E, with a few exceptions. Please, switch off ad blockers. The ThinkPad Edge E’s casing is completely made in the typical, classic and simple ThinkPad design of gray lennovo.