Or at least please include your bluetooth adapter id with your comment using command: A weird behavior observed: The full list of supported devices is below. This time, a clothing zipper. Go to bluetooth preferences 3. Still would like to know why imwheel doesn’t work Outdoor daytime photo of a bridge at a park during fall.

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Long shot i know, but it’s pretty painfull to do it manually after every reboot. Therefore I guess the problem may not be related to bluez-input package. Togather with the problem of detecting a touchpad on my Dell E, Intrepid is becoming almost unusable: Any ideas what it will take to get this mouse to reconnect properly?

My Bluetooth mouse cannot reconnect after wake up or power on on mouse. What is interesting, after removing and re-adding it to the bluetooth applet, it reports “successful device configuration”.

Logitech v, middle left-right buttons, Ubuntu Linux | μο.

With my installation and bluetooth mouse, it is actually not the setting “visible” that helps the mouse get reconnected, but the action of switching it from “hidden” to “visible”. Also trying to receive files from the ACER laptop gives me the same error. Cedric’s fix worked for me as well, with a small tweak. Sign up using Email and Password. Mouse still can get detected if I switched the visibility setting but not re-connect automatically.


I switched ubhntu off and on again and tried again bluez-simple-agent hci0 F0: See full activity log.

Comment on this change optional. No help for my case?

Logitech Devices on Ubuntu Linux (and others) |

Vadim Tkachuk vadim-tkachuk wrote on Try switching back to Xorg if you’re in Wayland. It was HW problem.

I solved by following this procedure. If I re-issue the “sudo hciconfig hci0 pscan” command and wait a couple of seconds, the mouse will suddenly start working again.

First the mouse wouldn’t reconnect at all. Is it possible to adapt Cedris’s workaround to my case? Logitehc have Dell Inspiron and a Logitech V mouse, the combination of was also affected by this bug.

All trusted device connections are re-established each time the system is booted Actual result: SetProperty “mode”, “off” Possible values: Should this bug be re-open then?

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Hmm, looks like this is old as the hills! Can anyone of you who also has this problem try to switch the Visibility Ubuhtu in Preference dialog to see if it helps? That did the trick for me constantly losing my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse upon every reboot, suspend, screensaver, etc.


Accepted into -proposed, please test and give feedback here.

Logitech v470, middle left-right buttons, Ubuntu Linux

Navigate to wherever you downloaded the file to. Mike Holland z-launchpad-myk-id-au wrote on Cedric c-vanfrachem wrote on Anyway, now everythng works mouse reconnects after reboot or after timeout. It used to work on Ubuntu How long to stay in discoverable mode before going back to non-discoverable The value is in logitedh.