Also top tip, to change sound device I use alt click on icon in top bar of finder, I’ve been using that to access device. Still in Yosemite while I hope new drivers will arrive some day. Anyone have a Fast Track Ultra and figured out how to get it working again? Maybe those sliders act as straight routing from inputs to outputs. An FYI, the end of support dates are how long Avid will supply parts and repair services, not how long driver updates will be released.

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Linux and Fast Track Ultra

And doing a roll-back is a matter of an hour. The Fast Track Ultra is fasr fine interface and now abandoned by Avid. I have the regular Ultra and would like to use it. M-Audio Fast Track Pro. If you don’t mind digging a bit I am sure you can get it to work. When you are ready, you should save your mixer settings so that your computer remembers them after boot. My lawyer m-audiio has already strarted legal procedures to sue them.

Linux and Fast Track Ultra – Heikki Ketoharju

Thinking about to do the same Perhaps if we all politely write to her, we will get that driver. This is the weird thing! How could I connect both? Is it just me, or is it currently impossible to stop travk routing directly from the inputs to the outputs in Linux?


Add this command to that file. After a peak at the manual, it appears that this is a device whose value and price is based on the interaction of its DSP, it’s complex routing and fx software, and the hardware itself. I think there are 2 reasons why the drivers are not loading in El Capitan, one has to do with driver signing and the second one has to do with Class Compliance. Perhaps iltra fact that I have both sets of drivers at the same time is the factor.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

An FYI, the end of support dates are how long Avid will supply parts and repair services, not how long driver updates will be released. And among those notes was this: Hi Guys, I found a solution that worked for me, and i’m sharing it with you cuz i think it might work for you too. I check the drivers page and this faet every single day. In my AV Linux 5. I saw that kinux is a firewire interface, but my firewire port is being used by a hard drive We are customers that have supported your company and we demand to be supported.

Fast Track Duo – driver for linux – Avid Pro Audio Community

I waited to download Avid states End of Support for this unit is about service and technical support and notes that drivers may be provided beyond the Final Sale Date for this unit for some products. I doubt whether it uses alsa my firepod uses freebob firewire.


Good luck and report back here I also didn’t disable sip. I’m on El Capitan Can’t describe how disappointing this situation is. This thread is about the Tracl.

System Info shows the Extension as loaded and verified but the hardware is not recognized. And what do I need support if my interface does not work anymore? Now, if you are using Gnome Alsamixer, first thing you should do is rename all the faders.

It can be found in hidden directories on your home folder.

Since you have inside knowledge of Apple’s process where no compatibility was broken for anything day before release, please share the process with us. I’m not willing to spend money on new hardware because Avid is lazy.