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Post 6 of Amazing because of it’s diminutive size, the fact that dzc is powered from the computer, and its low price. In the end it will be worth it.

Use kHz sampled stuff, and you get 5HzkHz. It feels like a cheap 88x14x20 mm orange USB stick with a thin plastic housing. There were only three times it stopped working.

I have tested it and it appears to work – even after a reboot. The sound is detailed, with more highs than lows but at the same time not fatiguing. Post 15 of Thanks for posting those review links.

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M2 Tech HiFace usb dac | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Post 13 of By this I mean you can hear how far an instrument or performer is away from you. After that it just works, but only stereo. The bass is just enough for me, I do not like a lot of bass, and here you hear it when you are supposed to hear it, so it does not overpower anything. Using the hiFace DAC is thankfully quite straight forward.


This isn’t a dig at Jason or hi fi class warfare, but him so enjoying a ‘small budget’ sac put a huge smile on my face. Welcome and Good-Bye Submitted by anomaly7 on August 1, – 9: This fix appears to solve the problem on a permanent basis, ie, you do not need to do it each time that you restart the computer.

hiFace DAC by M2Tech Audio

Thanks to all who have welcomed me, either in postings or in thought. But for my use not an issue.

A comparison review of two DACs. Submitted by JayPee on July 31, – 4: I was looking at this before and after reading those I am very interested. It took no more than starting up the PC, going to sound preferences, selecting the DAC, and then playing music. In fact, the two sound very close in performance which meant that once again, I was nailed to my listening seat for much longer than I intended.


[Review] M2Tech hiFace USB DAC listening test

Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse. Discussion in ‘ Dedicated Source Components ‘ started by taz23Jun 9, I can see this little orange DAC becoming a very familiar sight in many audiophile systems. Check the reviews for the HD and the Objective2 and then asses if the sound I described here is to your liking. Post 10 of If you already have a computer audio set up, and want an upgrade where you can really hear the improvement, but don’t want to break the bank, the hiFace DAC is probably exactly what you are looking for.

By this I mean when someone starts singing, it is the main portion of the sound and the instruments get less noticeable. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from the hiFace but the iDAC had set the bar so high, I wasn’t really prepared for something that would also make me say “WOW”.

There’s little to add about the sound of this DAC because it simply does everything so well.