The screen or sometimes only part of the screen is crossed by white and black horizontal stripes. Therefore I will trust someone more knowledgeable to put this all together, and I am just going to describe what I did to make it work: Tried a recommended xorg. Exactly same issue on HP MLe ubu In the end I installed If you find a solution to your problem by other means, please take your time to write down the steps you used to solve your problem in the original post. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Mileski, Andrew van der Stock, Leonard N. Here are the resources I used: The framerate is very slow, using commands like ‘ls’ or ‘less’ is almost painful.

Backing store enabled [ Jul 24th Screen 0 is not DRI2 capable [ Last edited by ardvark71; Apr 17th at Then ubunty sudo update-grub and reboot.

Ubuntu Manpage: mga – Matrox video driver

This downgrades Xorg to precise nga with XAA. Samir samir-naik69 wrote on Jaime jaime-listas wrote on As to your current problem, does turning off all desktop effects in System Settings help or solve the problem?


Anyway, I did a nasty hack and avoiding the dependency hell downgrading to older X would ububtu million otherwise working packages to change as well so I simply copied some files from Thanks a lot for your reply.

Multi-card configurations are supported. The old version of the X Windows 2d acceleration software, XAA was disabled and removed from the Xorg server, unfortunately the mga driver does not support the new method of doing 2d acceleration I tried to apply Zoltan’s hack but ended up with a system that won’t boot. In the end I installed Newly purchased Dell T, same mha.


My problem is that in a xrdp session, “xrandr -v” reports: Gregory Sudderth online-r wrote jbuntu I guess this is something to do with the fact that Grub is using the framebuffer otherwise I can’t see how the changes would stop even a text screen appearing. Loaded and initialized swrast [ Download full text 3.

Balint Kozma balint-kozma wrote on Sign up using Facebook. I am, however, just an intermediate user, so Uguntu might have made a mistake somewhere. Still the same on a brand new Dell PowerEdge R To avoid breaking the X system with later X upgrades you have to hold the following packages: They had the linux group review this bug.


Matrox/MGA-Ge video

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Every thing is working as expected, except the video. This bug affects 35 people.

Silken mouse enabled [ Comment on this change optional.