Output will resemble the following:. Kernel modules can get different parameter for configuration purposes. But the operating systems should provide dynamic environments to comply user needs. Your number 0x stands for “Intel Corporation”. The special field name, file name , lists the file name of the module.

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A driver and a firmware. Provide information about a kernel other than the running one. Your email address will not be published. My name is Surendra Kumar Anne.

This is a special file, needed by the hardware, it’s not a binary. Most of the examples in this tutorial requires root privileges.

The special field name, file namelists the file name of the module. Once a module gets accepted to be included, it becomes an in-tree module. Output will resemble the following Note that the field name does not prefix the field values:.

8 lsmod, rmmod, modprobe, and modinfo command examples in Linux – The Linux Juggernaut

Y All kernel modules start their developments as out-of-tree. Naturally, these checks are there for your protection, so using this option is dangerous. About modinfo modinfo syntax modinfo examples Related commands Linux and Unix commands help. Posted by Sahil Suri Nov 1, Basics 0. This ID is usually paired with the vendor ID to make a unique bit identifier for a hardware device.


But some times manual operation may be needed to load kernel modules. We can remove kernel modules. Home Help Linux and Unix.

modinfo(8): show info about Kernel module – Linux man page

There is also an option to add new kernel modules externally to the Linux. This concludes our exploration of kernel modules in Linux.

Linux modinfo command Updated: Sign up using Email and Password. What makes an Operating system Linux Distribution? How to understand the modinfo output?

A kernel is a central part of computer operating system which acts as a mediator between system hardware and applications installed in the system. Common field names are authordescriptionlicenseparmdependsand alias. The size column indicates the pinux of memory used by the module in bytes and the used by field indicates the number of modules that are dependent on this module is loaded.

You may notice them from the output of lspcibecause lspci maps the number to the device class.


8 lsmod, rmmod, modprobe, and modinfo command examples in Linux

You can overcome that by using the –force flag of modprobe. Say for example Linux Kernel will not support all types of hardware, So programmers will write some kernel modules and distribute them along with their software.

Kernel modules can get different parameter for configuration purposes. A modular kernel is where only a particular part of OS is loaded into kernel space.

When loading a module, the strings in the vermagic value are checked if they match.

We can add the -v option for verbose output. There is no need to load them manually in most situations. This software is nothing but Kernel module.