However, this is not an indicator that this guide will work for you. They all refer to whomever you pay to get cell phone service from, like Cingular. Doing this kind of work and using the various modding programs drains the battery quickly when it’s connected to a computer via the data cable. Getting bootloader version… There is no real reason to upgrade one, so don’t be tempted to. The program will do its thing again. If you have bootloader ”

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Select your file here. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a motorolx charged battery prior to performing any modifications with it.

I won’t link to them or host them since it is illegal to do so. The first time you use Flash Backup, MFF or RSD Lite with the phone connected to the data cable and attempt to flash p2j backup the phone, the hardware wizard will appear to install software for the Motorola Flash Interface. When it finishes click “Exit”. By the way, I use the terms operator, carrier, network and service provider interchangeably. Sending restart command… Waiting for driver to disconnect Flash – This is the most common thing you modify on the phone.


Here is another file in. This website contains everything I have learned from programming 31 V3s so far, some many times over and over. The program will immediately start doing its thing. It will give you a thorough status report as it determines your software and downgrades the bootloader one version at a time. Downloads section If you are looking for any media files cl.

Start page – Hack the V3: Before you start modifying the Motorola V3

Motorola GPRS modem scripts. Click the icon to download. Since I can’t screen capture the bootloader and it’s such dim text, I made this graphic to demonstrate what it looks like. Splash screen mod flash file 2.

Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

File 1 – Contains: I then started the program P2K Tools, but before it could start the following screen appeared. To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program.

Follow the instructions and the output of the program should look similar to:. And follow the instructions. While the flash is all the programming on the phone, the seems edit the individual programs, if you will, in that flash, one feature at a time.

Introduction Motorolx no longer maintain my Motorola websites.

Motorola RAZR p2k tools Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

This wants to install software for an Accessories Motoorola. These programs are only for authorized Motorola service centers so you’ll have to Google these programs to find them.


You can login to do that! Ok, so assuming you are using MS Windows, these are the tools you will need to use: However, this is not an indicator that this guide will work for you. Bootloaders can be upgraded and downgraded. There is no real reason to upgrade one, so don’t be tempted to. Motorola Vxxx Mod Tool. There are several versions of the V3 with a letter after it like c, m, r, t, and v. This guide was written with the intent that a reader would start out at this page and read through the entire guide to the last page.

File 3 – Contains: The program will install the software and will finally display this screen. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, try using the search box at the bottom of each page.