I start becoming afraid of these major OS overhauls which tend to rather cut out good features instead of adding useful ones You need a few things. Thanks for your comprehension and enjoy CoolSoft. Hopefully we got more news soon. The first prototypes are being send to developers and we are already busy to test the hardware together and yes some bugs needs to be addressed before we can go to production. Also thanks for pointing me to un4seen.

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You need a few things. If that fails to open, likely in the event that the user does not have XAudio2 installed which requires the DirectX runtime to be installed on Windows 7 mudloord older systemsthen it will fall back on DirectSound.

BASSMIDI MIDI synthesiser for Windows XP/Vista/7 – Page 7

You will have to acquire the necessary parts yourself the part list is in the manual. Please mail us info thisdomain for more info. If that fails, it will try to reopen it with muldord bit integer format. Selling price will be 70 euros without shipping.

Have fun with it.

Now you need more. If we have stock we will contact you with payment instructions. All our free time and efforts are now being redirected to finish mudllrd new product we have been working on for the last two years.


Also we have an idea how to restart the production itself. I have uploaded the latest version here, until mudlord updates his site: There are easy workarounds and if it’s something that is going to take a long time to fix then it’s probably not worth wasting time on it, assuming this bug does not affect any other programs besides just this one.

Also thanks for pointing me to un4seen. Hopefully we got more news soon. You need a newer VSTi driver, I have updated it to detect and use the same sample rate as the system, rather than being vsst coded to one sample rate. But of course the main fact that it was backwards compatible with our MSX PSG made us thinking why not release a cartridge with this soundchip?

MIDI-PAC2 without MIDI synth hardware

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thread permissions Reply to existing threads: Until recently, the driver conveniently offered a midi mapper in a separate tab “Advanced” which allowed you to change the midi output device. New redesign is ready, mud,ord is not. It’s frustrating to keep fixing what is getting broken intentionally.

Where soft ware is cool. After testing it a bit I haven’t found the root cause of it and digging it deeper could require a lot of time.


There shouldn’t be any other entries to mess with, except for maybe the entry that handles the default entry, which is set by the configuration programs. We do not have any dangerous JavaScript running here.

I start becoming afraid of these vsst OS overhauls which tend to rather cut out good features instead of adding useful ones Thanks for taking a look. The Tower of Gazzel and Illusion City can be found here 7. Dear customers, We are sorry to say but currently the stock information is as follows: Worp3 is busy with a new batch.

Some people had problems converting the Sketch-up files. We hope to have some ready at the end of January.

Coolsoft MIDIMapper Bug With “VST MIDI Driver” | CoolSoft

However it is not as user friendly. Link to the cartridge enclosure file for 3D printing. So far I’ve found no soft synthesizer that can come close to that. January 1, –