Great cover dude your timing and touch is spot on! You increase mids by decreasing the bass and treble while increasing level back to normal. Add to your Watched Users. Search in titles only Search in Bass Guitar only Search. Posted September 17, I run my M off my 9v powered pedal board. Love the sounds it gives.

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But Sans Amp is just doing it right In fact, it’s pretty much nonexistent. Sansamp Bass Driver Demo: When you get used with the controls you can produce every pwra you like from crispy high to dark low end bottom.

Posted August 18, I’ve had both, I prefer the MXR, still got it, still use it. I send the DI output to the mixing board it’s a great DI and the jack output to my combo amp used as a a monitor. DiMarcoDec 22, I am thinking that when the new Sansamp comes on the market, i can probably score a used old one dirt cheap.

MXR M vs Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. | Harmony Central

My favorite feature on the M is the color switch, which smooths out the EQ. I run my M off my 9v powered pedal board. Yes it can definitely be used in front of an amp to boost the gain from a passive bass and it works great for that purpose. Unlike most people though Paea don’t like the colour button.


I’ve done that at practice when I don’t feel like dragging an amp along, although I prefer having a backline for gigs and often don’t even go into the p. Similarly, please send any comments or ;ara to the moderators. May 16, Messages: The Sansamp to me really got lost in the mix because of the mid scoop.

Do you already have an account? So the Ashdown isn’t really even the same thing as the M or SansAmp.


Register a new account. It is the meat and potatoes of what I would consider “my sound”.

I forgot a very important feature too that has saved my ass cause I play in a very noisy space: I have owned a Sansamp DI Deluxe and it was good for live situations, solid scooped tone, but I found it kind of noisy and with not enough xmr for my taste.

Anyway, just a thought. Plus the switches died on me pretty often, I had to fix them which was a pain in the rear end.


MXR M-80 vs Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI.

JPMorin Aug 9, Bass Arena’s Classifieds – Archive. You are not logged in. Doesn’t appear to have a D. You’ll never have to fiddle with extra controls, wondering whether you set them “right”, to get it sounding like a sansamp would.

Sansamp Tech 21 vs MXR M Bass DI’s : Bass

Want to add to the discussion? Dec 23, Messages: JPMorinJan 25, mdr So the Ashdown would work but the M would probably be better and a bit cheaper then the SansAmp to boot.

Since moved to a Tubepath head so I don’t use it anymore but it worked great for recording and going to the board. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.