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System Protection/Security

System Protection & Security

In today’s business environment everyone is dependant on their data from ‘a one man band’ to ‘multinational organisations’. Unfortunately as this dependence has increased so have the number of threats to security. Whether it be the threat of viruses, worms, spam emails, attacks from hackers or system failure. Therefore it is critical that your PC’s and networks are adequately protected.

Here are a few of the security products we can supply:    

● Firewalls
● VPN Security
● Virus & Worm Protection
● Secure Wireless Networking
● Ad-ware and Malware (detection and removal)
● Physical Security

We are able to offer you the benefit of our firsthand experience of a wide range of system protection types. Working together we can advice you when selecting and implementing the best security solutions, as part of a comprehensive protection plan.


Regular data backups are a vital part of any business’ risk-management strategy. In doing so each business protects itself from the potential disruption and losses that can be caused by any of the following; virus infection, hard drive failure, theft, fire and water damage, malicious acts or accidental damage. 

Whatever your needs, we can assess the risks and recommend a suitable system. Using a number of different storage medias and protocols, we can help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from a strong backup policy.

Remember that whilst your insurance policies may cover your equipment against fire and theft, you are responsible for your data! Therefore regular data backup is a vital part of any business.