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Replacing your computer system can be traumatic and waste valuable time. With a new PC, all of your applications need to be reloaded, data transferred, Internet and email setting up, and all your settings reconfigured.

Whilst we are willing and able to undertake the work of setting up a new PC for our clients, this becomes a “hidden cost”. However, sometimes replacing your PC is the only option, although in many cases simply upgrading is sufficient.

As part of our complete IT service we offer a varied range of system upgrades both hardware and software.

A few of the hardware upgrades we can supply include: Memory, Motherboards, Processor, Hard Disk etc. We can also add capabilities such as Video Editing, CD and DVD writing, sound etc.

In addition we can also upgrade operating systems and application software. Old operating systems can slow up your computer or even cause it to crash. A new operating system may be necessary to fully utilise features of new applications or even new hardware. A new version of application software such as Microsoft Office, Sage Accounts and other popular software are constantly available with new and improved time saving and security features.

Our consultants can assist you in selecting and applying the most economical and effective upgrades to best utilise your PC and satisfy your needs.