After this Liteon experience I ask myself for what people use their drives. Because for me it is a huge act to replace the drive bought it far away I gave it up to use it for now. I guess the 15 percent is a good number. This then working better? It does not think so much The Liteon has a plug for an earphone and a wheel to adjust the volume.

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It has worked flawlessly.

You may use these tags: Sometimes you might get used to problems… Again – this drive cannot read many CDs. I can somehow see the philosophy of this company. The drive came to our labs with the latest firmware release, KS04, as it is reported by Nero properties in the image below.

LiteOn SOHW-1693S 16x Internal DVD+/-RW Dual + Layer Drive (white)

Just be patient and tell them everything you have already done to try to fix the problem. Every burn shows many errors – but this depends on the media too.

At least itself can sohw-1693z it. A further difference is that at the Thinkpad drive there is absolutely no noise – since I replaced the IBM hard disk by a better one – it was faulty anyway.

But my old Thinkpad drive reads them without any problems – it was always my quality check… Does the audio plug work at your drive? Is there some simple way that I can control each recorder seperately with each of the two remotes?? I have burned hundreds of discs with it. It thinks it has a data CD and spins at full speed when this software is playing wav-files from this CD for what 4x would be too fast. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.


DVD Burning problem – LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S

Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. You might think it is bad luck.

Then I found your post. System Requirements OS Required. The retail package remains the same as all previous releases, except for one extra item this time, the extra bezel included. I pulled it out, and then I had noticed how small the drive actually was.

Page 2 – LiteOn Dual-Layer DVD RW SOHWS Review

It still does not work. I do not have to check them on an other drive if they are readable.

More than 8x for reading is just a wish. The startup of the whole WinXP seems to be faster but at least more interesting since this thinking blocks the computer.

They started research and development of new products many years ago and now are producing some of the next generation of computer hardware. You should keep your old drive for high speed reading, patch the software Warranty!!!

Protected Disc Tests – Reading Tests 6. I find quality leaves a bit to be desired with all types of media. Because for me it is a huge act to replace the drive bought it far away I gave it up to use it for now. I got tired of checking every single burned dvcrw on an other DVD drive if it can be read what worked in case of both sohw-1963s with only 1 brand of DVDs!!! The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.


DVD Burning problem – LITE-ON DVDRW SOHWS – TechSpot Forums

It is very sohd-1693s but I will be persevering with trying different media as this could be part of the issue. DVD Recording Tests System Requirements Details Processor Type. All these of course also apply to the black bezel.

It does not realise what data transfer rate soyw-1693s necessary – just a simple formula to watch the buffer – what would make a real feature. But in any case – the quality control at Liteon seems not to exist or they simply accept this kind of quality as their standard… But we should not.