If this is the exact location, the ‘use-gtk2’ option is ignored. While nvidia-xconfig can attempt to infer these values, it is best to use your Unix distribution’s X config file for the basis of anything that nvidia-xconfig creates. This, and other documents, can be downloaded from ftp: Setting this option will enable the X driver to use the system events in some cases when it is waiting for the hardware. After you have run nvidia-settings once and have generated a configura- tion file, you can then run: The target qualifier is specified by prepending a target type name, a colon, the target id, and a period to the existing specification.

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Most options throughout nvidia-settings are applied immediately. In the typical home user environment freebds your home directory is local to one computer and you are only configuring one X Display, then it does not matter whether each attribute setting is qualified with an X Display Name.

Setting up the FreeBSD nVidia driver

For example, the following queries address X screen 0 freevsd the localhost: Target types give you different granularities with which to perform queries and assignments. Specify ‘all’ to list the descriptions of all attributes.

If no configuration file can be found, nvidia-xconfig generates one from scratch using default settings; in this case, nvidia- xconfig will automatically determine the name of the X configu- ration file to create: The valid values for an attribute are reported nvidja the attribute is queried.

To add the BusID to only a specific device or screen section, use the ‘–device’ or ‘–screen’ options. With the kernel module loaded, you normally only need to change a single line in your xorg.


If someone were so inclined, a different front-end Mvidia could be implemented. Note that nvidia-xconfig does not perform any validation of the X configuration file options requested on the command line; X 9.2 figuration file option validation is left for the NVIDIA X driver.

This is not typically recommended, as things like the mouse protocol, keyboard layout, font paths, etc, are setup by your Unix distribution.

x11/nvidia-driver builds; fails install (staging issue?)

The configuration file is not modi- fied. Valid values are ‘none’ do not print status messages’errors’ print error messages’deprecations’ print error and deprecation mes- sages’warnings’ print error, deprecation, and warning mes- sagesand ‘all’ print error, deprecation, warning and other informational messages.

Layout freensd the nvidia-settings GUI 2.

For fan control set it to 4. Effectively, this option just causes the configuration to be printed to stdout as a tree instead of writing the hvidia to file. This will also report the valid values for the attribute.

Set this option to off to prevent the X driver from attempting to connect to acpid. Settings from the X server override OpenGL’s default values, and settings from the environ- ment override values from the X server.

If this option is not nvidai, all the devices within the X configuration file will be used. A target specification is contained within brackets and consists of a target type name, a colon, and the target id. Please see the xauth 1 and xhost 1 man pages, or refer to your system documentation on remote X applications and security.


FreeBSD Graphics Driver Archive | NVIDIA

A target specification is contained within brackets and may consist of a target type name, a freebsx, and the target id. The most recent official version of the source code is available here: Assignments are processed in the order they are entered on the command line.

For example, you might run nvidia-settings on the computer stravinsky. Nvdiia values for “TVStandard” are: Default nviddia is 0.

Want to link to this manual page? You may attempt to immediately load the kernel module into the running kernel by issuing a command like kldload nvidiahowever it has been noted that the latest versions of Xorg will not function properly if the driver is not loaded at boot time. After you have run nvidia-settings once and have generated a configura- tion file, you can then run: Note that nvidia-xconfig, if necessary, will append a unique number to the EDID filename, to avoid over- writing existing files e.

This is useful to limit processing to a subset of targets, based on an existing relationship s to other targets. This option is a semicolon-separated list of pairs of dis- play device names and filename pairs; e. Set- ting this feeebsd will enable YUV 4: